Monday, November 22, 2010

Abbrevs and other thoughts

I am someone who believes in but does not necessarily practice all: BF, EBF, BLW, NC, NIP, CS, CD, AP, TP, DV, CC, CIO, HB, ERF, BW.*  Does any of this make sense to you?  If not, let me sum it up nicely.  I am simply a mother.

When I started planning my wedding, I discovered the wide variety of internet communities.  I was the first out of my friends to get married and didn’t know very many other young brides and reached out to strangers to gather and collect ideas.  Over time, I found some amazing deals ($8 pearl necklace!) and made some good “friends”.  Since then, I have been an active member of many different online communities, though now my focuses are more on poopy diapers vs Maggie Sottero dresses.

One thing about online communities is that you will quickly find that they are not far off from high school.  Very cliquish, you can tell who is a “cool kid” and who is talked about behind their back in snark communities.  I stay away from participating in the drama, however like a car crash, it is pretty hard to completely ignore.  Another thing that is commonly found in online communities is acronyms.  In wedding communities, there were several (DH-dear husband, FMIL-future mother in law, etc) but I have never seen them more prevalent than in the parenting communities.

I feel like the acronyms are a badge us mothers (and rare fathers) wear.  I tend to frequent more of the “crunchy” communities because a lot of my parenting styles do tend to fall in line with them.  However, I do not follow a strict parenting style and am extremely hesitant to admit that I agree controversial practices like CIO or CC (cry it out or controlled crying) in certain cases because I just prefer to avoid the wank it would cause. 

I know it shouldn’t matter-it is just the internet, but it does.  It is hard to have someone attack the way you raise your child, regardless of how strong you feel that you are doing the best for your child.  I personally have very strong opinions on how MY children should be raised, but I also have a very strong belief that every child and parent has a different personality and dynamic, so what works for me doesn’t mean it will work for others. 

My blog is just another mommy blog in the sea of many, but I hope that I can be candid and honest about my different styles so that other mothers, who might not be as confident in their choices might be encouraged to go with their gut, even if it doesn’t follow a particular “style”.

Oh and one last thing, before anyone criticizes me for spelling “the” incorrectly for my blog title-that is just another little thing I have picked up from the fantastic internets.  Boyfriend calls me Wifey on the land of internet and “teh” is internet slang.  It can mean many different things, in my case I am using it to intensify the term Wifey.  So basically, I am the best.  But of course-we all knew that.

*breast feeding, extended breast feeding, baby led weaning, no-circumcision, nursing in public, co-sleeping, cloth diapering, attachment parenting, traditional parenting, delayed vaccinations, controlled crying, crying it out, home birth, extended rear facing, baby wearing


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