Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Even though I fully explained it in my last post, Boyfriend still asked me about using the title "teh".  In his own words, he just doesn't get internet lingo.  He actually gets quite annoyed by me when I speak internet; when he trips over Baby's toys and I yell, "FAIL" or when he would put Baby's diapers on backwards I would call him a noob.  If I really want to annoy him though, all I have to do is show him all of the lolcats I find hilarious (which is all of them) because he doesn't find them funny at all.  Seriously though, how can this not make you laugh?!

While his lack of internet coolness is a disgrace in this family, I plan on keeping Boyfriend around for awhile.  First off, he is really good at doing laundry and cooking.  Those are two things I seriously lack any sort of skills in.  One time, I cooked three boneless chicken breasts in the oven for an hour and a half and they still came out raw.  Yes the oven was on, no I can't explain it.  I'm just that good.  I can bake a mean cake/cookies/brownies/pie though, and plan on continuing to bribe him with treats to stay with me because most of all, Boyfriend is an amazing father.

He has a generously flexible work schedule and is able to be with Baby more often than I during the week.  Every morning I leave before she wakes and often come home right before she goes to bed.  He will update me about their day as it progress and sends me pictures.  Baby, just like any of us, will have her bad days but for the most part it is very obvious that she is extremely happy to hang out with him and chill.  He might do silly things like throw food on the floor to entertain her while cleaning (yes, he cleans too ladies!) but they have a unique and strong bond that I could only wish for every father and daughter to share.  Boyfriend and I were together for four years before we got married and then almost another three before Baby came so we really had the time to get to know each other before.  I never doubted his ability to be a good father, I just never realized just how much he would excel at it.  I couldn't ask for more.

Well that isn't entirely true, I really wish he would enjoy lolcats as much as I do.

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