Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Of course I can't let a Thanksgiving go by without mentioning a few things I've been thankful for this year!

First, I have the generic, obvious answer of family.  My family is seriously awesome.  Take Boyfriend for example; he is an amazing husband, father and friend.  Sometimes he still makes rookie mistakes, like today we were in bed getting ready to put Baby down for a nap.  I was admiring the cute outfit he picked out on his own:

Then we notice some extra padding in her dress.  We lift it up, and the bottoms that actually go with the dress are still attached to the dress since it is new.

I bet he won't make that mistake again!

In all seriousness though, I try and tell him on a daily basis how thankful and appreciative I am that he has become the partner he is.  Life with a new baby is hard, really, really hard and while there were some adjustments I expected, there were some I never could have even begin to comprehend and he stepped in where I could not.  He has also made sure that he nurtures and loves me beyond being a mother and doesn't allow me to be "just a mom".  He still thinks I am his hot wife, which I love!

I am thankful that somehow, even though I have a very sick, demented, dumb, crazy dog he managed to be nothing short than perfect with Baby.  Even though he might be extremely clumsy in general, with her it is obvious he takes the time to be gentle with her.  She can even hold her food right up to his face and while he will sniff it, he won't take it from her.  She adores him and I can not wait to see their relationship grow over time.  I don't think any of us could get enough of this video:

My mother.  Seriously what can I even say?  She is the typical proud grandmother, she even thinks her poops are a work of art. Ok, maybe not quite but I'm sure it isn't far off.  Thanks to her, Baby always has a stylin wardrobe, someone to spoil her when we won't, and unlimited kisses and cuddles.  Every single person should be as lucky to have a parent in their life as we do with my mom.

Now I could go on and on with shout outs to every other person in my life but I want people to actually read this.  So just know this-if you are in my life, I am thankful for you.  I mean it.

For the random things I am thankful for:

  • Breastfeeding, after 6 months of torture, breastfeeding has finally become natural in the last month and a half or so.  I am thankful that I stuck with it because the rewards are so worth it. 
  • My girlfriends.  I promise mine are better than yours.  Really, yours just can't compete.
  • My work friends are the best ever.  It isn't fun being at work knowing Boyfriend and Baby are at home playing without me, my heart wants to be no place other than home.  Every day that I go to work though is a fun one, and it is because of my work friends.  They are a special breed of people and I adore all of them.  I can honestly say I LOVE my job and I think 95% of that is because of them.
  • Fireside Pies.  Especially their burrata mozzerella crostinis. 
  • Pack and plays.  Sometimes you just don't want to have your kid watching you go to the bathroom and these are super helpful for those moments.
  • DVRs.  Boyfriend and I watch a lot of TV and hate commercials.  I can't remember the last time we watched a show live.
  • Texas weather.  Just as I am about sick and tired of it being hot/freezing, it goes and switches up on us again.  I love having summers during the winter and "winters" during the fall/spring.
Most of all though, I am thankful that I could sit here for hours and not list everyone and everything I am thankful for.  I have an extremely blessed life and I recognize this and appreciate it.


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