Sunday, December 5, 2010

10 Things

I won't even being to pretend I'm some wise woman who has a lot of insight into the meaning and purpose of life. I have however, learned a few things along the way that I hope that I can pass onto my daughter.

1.  It is ok to be cheap (I prefer the word frugal) about a lot of things.  There are some items though, that you should never purchase the off brand.  Laundry detergent, paper towels, toilet paper, and good smelling candles.  These are all things that when I try to be frugal about, I end up purchasing so much more or using twice as much as if I had just bought the name brand.  There a handful of other things, but seriously, saving $1 is not worth scratching your delicate lady bits for a month with rough toilet paper.

2.  Boyfriend and I haven't always been the best at budgeting our money.  We always pay our bills and manage to put a small amount into savings but probably not the amount we should be.  We do however, prioritize our spending to make sure that we have the best quality life possible.  We made the decision to purchase a home much smaller and less expensive than what we were approved for and drive cars that are not luxury at all yet do the job in a comfortable manner.  This has enabled us to spend the rest of money on experiences.  We probably won't die leaving Baby a large inheritance, but she will have mementos of family vacations, fine dining, and cool toys that last so much longer than the money we spent.

3.  Don't leave your partner's favorite cooking thermometer in the roast while it is still cooking.  This will ruin said thermometer and will leave you with one grumpy partner.  Especially if your roast comes out like beef jerky.  Then they will just be grumpy AND hungry.

4.  Menthol shaving cream should be reserved for men's faces only.  This is self explanatory.
5.  Really, there are so few things in life that you NEED to stress about.  Seriously.  I make a conscious choice not to stress about anything that I don't need to.  It isn't that I don't care, I do, but if it is beyond my control (stuck in traffic, someone isn't doing something they said they would, my dinner was disgusting, again) then there isn't a reason to waste energy worrying over it.  This comes especially handy when you are planning a wedding, buying a house, or having a baby.  Three of life's most stressful, but exciting, times.

6.  Along with not stressing, make a concerted effort to not waste mental energy regretting anything.  If it is done, its done.  If you did something that you now look back at and realize that it probably wasn't the best choice-don't do it again.  Again, this often makes me look like I don't care but that really isn't the case, I just want to do better next time.

7.  Have one really good thing that you can cook.  I pretty much destroy and food that isn't baking, however I am known for my Hot Wing Dip.  I'm only good at it because it is essentially mixing ingredients together and putting it in a hot oven, but all the same people love it and request it all the time.  I'll be honest and I've never once tasted it (I don't like spicy things) and it looks disgusting but it is what the people want so I always oblige.

 8.  Boyfriend is always right.  There might be a few times she argues with her Daddy that she will be right, but just trust me when I say 99% of the time he is right.  I've been down that path a few too many times with him so I would like to save her some time.

9.  In my vows to Boyfriend, I told him I would "be slow to anger and quick to forgive".  I think this is useful in all of our relationships.

10.  When you are with Boyfriend, and you start to smell something funny, don't believe him that it was Shreky.  He can only use that excuse so many times. 


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