Monday, February 7, 2011

Boyfriend has always been the favorite of Baby, and honestly I don't mind.  I enjoy very much seeing the father/daughter relationship they have and I love watching it grow and flourish.  When she is fussy, I don't mind the fact that he is the one to calm her down, as long as she is happy I'm happy.  When she has a poopy diaper, I always hand her over to him because she just really prefers how he changes her diaper which of course I'm totally ok with that.

That being said, I take pride in the fact that she said "Mom" first.  Of course, "Dad" only came a day later, but still I was first.  And today, Boyfriend told me about their morning and it made me tear up a bit.  On the weekends, our morning routine is that I will go in and feed her around 5:00 and then put her back into bed to sleep until she wakes up a second time.  Boyfriend will then get her and bring her back to bed for another feeding and a little more sleep and cuddles.  Due to being iced in for the last week, we did this little routine for over a week and it seems as though Baby really enjoyed it.  

This morning, when Boyfriend went to get her and brought her back to bed, he said she looked around the room and noticed I wasn't there.  She stated very plain and clear, "Mom" and started cry.  My heart breaks a little when I think about how sad she must have been but it is good to know that she misses me, her second favorite.  Today more than most days I am counting down the hours until I can get home from work and hold my sweet baby girl. 

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