Sunday, February 6, 2011

I've been waiting to make this post because I didn't want to jinx anything, but I can finally say Baby has officially endured and recovered from her first sickness.

Late last year, Boyfriend, the grandmother and I all decided that it would be best for Baby to start a Mother's Day Out program twice a week for five hours a day.  I started to notice just how much Baby loved being around other kids and I believe it is extremely important for her to have some sort of socialization.  I didn't really have many of the regular fears that most new parents have when leaving their child with someone else-we selected a program I myself had attended as a little one and we knew the program in and out.  My only concern was that we were starting her during flu season and seeing as how she has only been around other children for only a handful of hours, I knew she would get sick right after starting.  I just didn't know how bad it would be.

Two weeks ago tonight, Boyfriend and I heard Baby cough in her bed and while I did think something was up, it isn't my style to be alarmist and freak out about Baby making two little cough noises.  I should have though because when I woke her the next morning to nurse her before work, I discovered she had puked all over herself and her bed.  What a trooper she was, she never once complained.  I could tell she was running a fever so I brought her back to bed with Boyfriend.  I felt bad about leaving her during her first sickness, but I had to go to work, and honestly you don't need two parents watching one baby. 

Over the next week she went up and down, up and down with the sickness.  We did get her into the doctor at some point who tested her for both the flu and UTIs but both were negative.  Last Monday though, I knew something was really off so back to the pediatrician we went.  Dr. Sue was fantastic and wanted to run her blood count and then if her white blood count was high, we would do an x-ray for pneumonia.  Unfortunately, our insurance was actually running out that night so we asked if we could go ahead and have it done that day.  I can't compliment her office enough, our appointment with Dr. Sue was at 4:15, we had our appointment with, an x-ray over at Southwest Diagnostics and a diagnosis of pneumonia with a prescription called in by 6:30. 

As of today, minus a cough which we were told can last for a few weeks, she is totally back to normal.  It was such a different experience having a sick baby.  She was just so sad.

Boyfriend was amazing though.  Luckily (unluckily) he had lost his job just the Friday before she got sick so he was able to stay home with her the entire time.  Granted she slept for the most part so he was still able to get in his daily quota of video game play, but all the same she was able to be comforted by him around the clock.  Naturally as her mother, I wanted to be the one home with her but our situation just didn't allow for it.  I didn't have to think twice though about the care she was being given, because he did everything he could do by making her as comfortable as possible.

We also won parents of the year awards for using "lethal" remedies to try and comfort her.  There is absolutely no medication out there that is available for children under the age of two that will help alleviate symptoms of colds.  For some reason, we didn't really think (which is how accidents happen) that this would apply to Vicks Vaporub.  Apparently, the menthol and camphor in the rub has caused death in children under the age of two.  We were also upping the odds against us by using one of the humidifiers that used Vicks meds in it.  As explained to us, those were "less lethal" than the rub itself.  Lesson learned, we really will make sure to read all instructions from now on.

Baby is back to normal though.  After her week of mandatory home arrest due to the icepocalypse she is extremely well rested (if not a little stir crazy). She is just as cute as ever, and just as funny.  She has been saying "mama" for awhile but it never actually meant me, well now she very clearly says "Mom".  Same with Boyfriend, his name is "Dad" no "dada" for him.  She is 10 months going on 10 but I suppose that is how it goes. She will be back at Mother's Day Out tomorrow, hopefully immune system a bit stronger than before. 


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