Friday, March 25, 2011

One Year

Bab has gone from this:

To this over the last year:

I really don't understand how we are already here.  Time should always feel the same way, it is a constant.  Yet, this past year went by faster than any other and I can only imagine that the next few years are going to be even quicker.

While the first year was harder than I ever imagined, it was also easier than I ever though being a parent could be.  Baby really is the easiest baby in the world, and I'm not just saying that.  Sometimes I feel like I can't even claim to have gone through the tribulations of first year parenthood because I had it so good.  Baby was sleeping through the night (well the technical definition of STTN, 6 hours) at three weeks and while we have had a few weeks worth of nights accumulated over the past year, it has held true since. 

She is so unbelievably happy.  She wakes up literally clapping and saying, "Yaaay!!" and I can only assume it because she is just so happy to be with us.  I remember what I was like as a preteen and teenager, so I'm pretty sure I only have so many years of this happy child.  I hope that my memories of her now will propel me to get through those what I can only assume will be tormented years.

While I was pregnant, Boyfriend and I would pick the traits we wanted our child to have from each of us.  After his long eyelashes (which she did get!) I wanted her to have his sense of humor and gift of wit.  He was Most Witty 2002 after all.  I am so proud to say she is funny and already is showing to be a comedian, just like her father.  She very purposely does things to make us laugh, and if we don't do it she will keep doing so until we appease her.  She loves to see people laugh and smile and I love that about her.

The first year of parenthood has also been kinder than I had thought it would be to my relationship with Boyfriend.  One of the things that I was petrified about having children was how it would hurt our relationship.  I thought that introducing another member to the family would rock things and it would take forever to get back to our happy place.  Adding Baby though was a seamless transition and it has never felt as though it has hurt us in anyway.  Sure, I do miss it being able to go out on dates or having dinner with just each other.  But I love doing those things with Baby more and luckily, Boyfriend does too.

I've mentioned this before, but Boyfriend really has become a much better father than I have ever expected.  I obviously wouldn't have had children with him if I thought he would be a horrible parent, but it is no secret that Boyfriend can be less than patient sometimes.  I have never seen him though show any sign of that to Baby, she apparently has melted his heart into one big puddle on the floor.  While I'm getting for work and he and Baby are cuddling in bed, I catch him just staring at her and giving her kisses all over.  I can't even begin to express how grateful I am that he had almost the first year with her full time, that just helped seal the bond I knew they would have.

I also can't talk about her first year without mentioning her grandmother.  Not only is Nana the typical spoiling grandmother, but Baby adores her to no end.  If we are having a bad afternoon, all I have to do is put Nana on the speakerphone and she perks up.  Baby is extremely lucky (as are we) to have her only two streets away and that she is able to spend so much time with her.  Baby is always fashionable (even if it isn't something I would have picked out) and well fed (even if Nana did give her some ice cream).  Every child should have someone as awesome as Baby's grandmother.

I'm not sure when I will accept that she is no longer a baby and starting to become a toddler.  I guess as my own mother says to me, she will always be my baby.


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