Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's been fun...

I used the same subject line in an email I sent out to my coworkers letting them know that this week would be my last at Dave and Buster's.  I can honestly say that it has been fun, very fun.  You would hope that a company that prides itself (and makes it's money) off of being fun would deliver the same experience for their employees and they exceeded expectations.

This coming Saturday would have been my fourth anniversary with the company and it is very bittersweet to leave.  D&B was my first "real" job.  I had worked at fast food joints, different childcare centers, as a nanny (which is just as real as any job) but this was the first 8-5 gig at a major corporation that I ever worked at.  I started out as the front desk receptionist.  That was amazing training and I was able to meet almost every one who worked for the corporate office.  I had the opportunity to learn about all the different departments in a corporate office and identify what areas I am really passionate about.

A little after a year being with the company I was offered the opportunity to join a brand new department as a sales person in our Special Events Sales Center.  I was pretty surprised to be offered the job-I'm not exactly what you would call a natural sales person.  I avoid confrontation, I'm not pushy, and I never could try to convince someone to spend money they don't seem to have.  Luckily as a company that type of sales was never promoted and we always tried to make the experience as fun as possible from start to finish.

What I appreciate most about my time here was the people though.  I met so many amazing people, people that are so much more than coworkers to me.  When I have good news, some of my coworkers are the first that come to mind who I want to tell.  They were all there for me day in and out with whatever issues I had going on in my life.  Everyone genuinely cared about me, Baby and Boyfriend.  They were interested in hearing my stories, no matter how silly.  I truly connected with my coworkers and I am so sad that I will not see them daily anymore.

I also feel like I have the most amazing boss in the world.  She has lead our team, almost blindly at times, to grow from a brand new operation and a small group of four to almost 20.  She is one of those bosses that stands back and lets you do your thing, and everyone works hard because they want to make her proud.  She recognized the strengths for each person and worked to promote those behaviors instead of focusing on our weaknesses.  She made being a working mother easy.  Really easy.  I never once felt that I had to chose work or family, if I ever wanted time off it was granted, if I ever needed time off there wasn't even second thought about it. She has already told me if I find myself regretting my choice to leave that I am very much welcomed back and to just call.  I believe her and I would be happy to come back. 

I'm really going to miss it here.  I look around at all the women (and three men) who share this little corner of our building and I can honestly say I adore and enjoy each one of them.  I have watched many come and go through our department and I never thought I would be one of the people going.  I was offered an opportunity at another outstanding company that I feel will not only benefit me in the long term, but will benefit my family immensely.

Still, it is going to be so hard to say goodbye to this place.  The memories I have here are so powerful.  I look across my desk and the pink exercise ball that I would sit and bounce on all day to help spring myself into labor.  The maraca sitting in my file folder reminding me of our chili cook off (which we didn't win, I guess D&B likes beans in their chili, what a sham).  Packing up my desk I came across at least 20 cards written to me over the last four years with proclamations of gratitude and friendship. The tissues I kept in my desk to dab at my eyes from crying so hard I cried, almost daily.

There are experiences in your life that just change you.  My time here developed me professionally and personally.  I was so very lucky to spend the last four years and have nothing but wonderful and positive things to say about Dave and Buster's.  When people ask me if I'm going to miss this place, all I can really say is, "You Got It!"


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