Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Old McDonald Had a Farm...

A couple of weekends ago, Baby and I decided to say goodbye to Boyfriend and join BFF (apparently I like people with 'B' names) at her grandmother's farm in Shepard, TX.  This was only the second time we have left Boyfriend home alone to fend for himself-cooking, cleaning and taking care of the dog.  Who am I kidding, he does that every day!  Boyfriend just didn't have our company and he didn't have to pretend to like my avocado egg salad (thanks Pioneer Woman!).

I will admit I was a little worried for the drive down, Baby has only taken a car trip once before when she was around 7 months and luckily she slept for the whole time that trip.  This time we were traveling during her most active period, between her afternoon nap and bedtime.  She was a champ though, and kept herself entertained reading books.  And eating.  Food is always a great distraction!

We stopped for dinner about halfway there, I figured Baby was starving since it was already 8:00.  She did eat her french fries shaped like happy faces (which as a side note-why do they have to make french fries shaped like happy faces?  I don't think you have to convince a kid to eat french fries by making them into stupid shapes) but she was far more interested in walking and stretching her legs.  Since we were in a room by ourselves, I didn't mind letting her stand next to our table but she saw a water fountain that was in the middle of the restaurant and the water baby that she is, was drawn to it.  BFF's mom had some pennies so we taught Baby how to throw pennies which is her favorite new trick.  Baby only would take one coin at a time and run from the fountain and back, collecting just one coin each time.  She was so cute doing it, I think BFF's mom donated at least $10 to the restaurant to let her throw coins in.


Thankfully, once we started the second portion of the car ride, Baby fell asleep pretty quickly and remained asleep until we arrived.  Once we arrived, she played in her new surroundings for a bit but I could tell she was quickly getting tired again so I decided to try and get her to bed.  I was a little nervous how it would work out, she normally sleeps in her crib by herself and when we travel sleeping is never really great for any of us since she does not like to be touched.  That night though, I just played songs from my iPod and she fell asleep after some tossing and turning.

The next morning, we woke up and Baby had her usual breakfast of blueberries and bananas and BFF's grandmother made us blueberry pancakes (again, with the 'B's!).  Baby was obviously itching to go run around outside so I got her dressed and we walked around to meet all the animals.  Evelyn quickly became obsessed with Quackers, the newest farm resident.

BFF's grandmother also had geese but they actually seemed to hate Baby, every time they saw her they would start honking very loudly and angry sounding.  Baby tried to feed the horses a treat, but she would get nervous just as they were going in for the carrot.  So instead she let me and would get really excited when they started crunching away.

My daughter is silly though-of all the different animals that were on the farm, she loved the dogs the most.  BFF's grandmother has two, but she was just in love with the bigger of the two-Alpha.  Alpha is an eight month old Great Pyrenees and was very excited to see Evelyn.  I just loved how Alpha would hang out on the gate, resting her "elbows" like a person, waiting to be pet.

We also did Evelyn's favorite activity-swimming!!  She is such a water baby, and a scary one at that.  She has absolutely no fear of the water and refuses to be held in the pool, which is an obvious danger.  We have tried several different things, life jackets, swim suits with flotation padding but nothing really fits because she is so small.  I finally caved and put the water wings on them even though I am (was) against them (being a lifeguard/swim instructor you are taught that they are NOT good) but this was finally the trick to achieve a happy balance of letting her be independent and being safe.  She really loves just floating around, kicking, splashing and blowing bubbles.

All in all, it was a really fantastic weekend.  I loved hanging out with the BFF and her family and I am so appreciative that her grandmother welcomed us in her home.  It really was relaxing and I think a good little break for us all.  Even Boyfriend took advantage of the child free weekend and lived it up as a bachelor-who cleans, does laundry and shampoos carpet!  I am a lucky woman :)


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