Thursday, July 7, 2011


If you follow me on Facebook, you probably see me post random things on behalf of Crowdtap.  I know it looks like spam, but I really do love this site.  Basically you answer polls on your spending and lifestyle habits.  There are different levels of membership and different badges you can earn, as well as cash prizes.  There are also different companies that will give you gift cards to visit their business with you and friends-no strings attached!  I recently was offered the opportunity to take a small group of friend to Pinkberry and have a Style Your Pinkberry party. 

It ended up being a small group-myself, the BFF, Boyfriend, and Baby.  We arrived and the very first task was to pick out our Pinkberry treats to match our accessories.  BFF chose original tart and had on a berry colored necklace which she obviously chose berries to match, a black headband and selected chocolate chips to represent that, and finally she picked granola to match her straw wedges.

Boyfriend was being lame and refused to accessorise.  He then got me when he told me the only accessory he needs is his wedding ring, after all it is the most important accessory anyone could have.  How can I argue with that?  There really were not any toppings that went with a ring, so he selected a parfait based off the fact that it is different "rings" of toppings and yogurt. 

Right before our Pinkberry party, we had taken some family portraits so I had be on the softer side of accessories.  I had on muted colors and a simple necklace and gold and black bracelet.  I went with their new summer flavor, salted carmel to match the colors I was wearing.  My toppings were also chocolate chips, granola and nuts. 

Now for the cutest-Baby!  Being a baby and all, she doesn't wear accessories often but she can wear sunglasses like none other.  So to match her rocking Hello Kitty pink polka dot sunglasses, she selected watermelon yogurt with strawberry and melon pearls. 

We all really did enjoy our treats.  I don't traditionally like the original tart flavor but Pinkberry's original flavor is sweeter than most and I did enjoy it.  The only flavor that wasn't a hit in our group was Baby's the watermelon was just a little too sweet for us.  Baby didn't mind though.  And she went nuts over the pearls.  She just kept digging for them and was VERY sad when there wasn't anymore. 

Pinkberry isn't where we typically go for yogurt, but only because we have one of the other guys closer.  I think after tonight and seeing how much Baby enjoyed her pearls (and how much all of us enjoyed our own creations) we will make the trip to Pinkberry more often. 

I know this sounds like just one big ad for Pinkberry and Crowdtap, but I just wanted to share my experience with everyone and hopefully some of y'all might want to join Crowdtap after reading this.  It really is a great experience!  If you click on the link below, it will get you set up with your first $1!


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