Thursday, August 25, 2011

Old Navy!

Another Crowdtap if you aren't interested please skim on by-but you should stick around because Crowdtap is awesome!

I was given another opportunity for a product review, this time for Old Navy!  I was allowed to take myself and one friend (which of course the BFF came!) to pick out a pair of women’s jeans.  A disclaimer-back in the day (high school) I shopped at Old Navy frequently.  My sonic car hop money didn’t allow for splurges often, but Old Navy was great for basic tops and flip flops.  I stopped shopping there pretty much all together though after because their jeans just did not ever fit me correctly and my flip flops were constantly breaking.  Even at $2.50 a pair it didn’t hurt financially when they broke but while you are walking around Six Flags with a broken flip flop, well I just wasn’t interested any more.

Then I had Baby.  Everyone knows that infants grow at lightning speed and while Nana can spend the big bucks buying Baby designer clothing that she will wear maybe twice, my frugal side just can’t justify it (no matter how cute the Juicy Couture  jumper is!).  So I started frequenting Old Navy for the baby and children items, and found that not only do they have great (inexpensive!) children’s clothing, but I found the Woman’s section calling my name as well.  I purchased several tops that were flattering on my post baby belly (and easy nursing access) and even found that their flip flops were seemingly redesigned to be stronger and have had two pairs that have not broken yet, despite frequent wearing. 

There was one item that I never even considered, even with my new found adoration for Old Navy which is their jeans.  When I saw Crowdtap offering an opportunity featuring jeans I immediately jumped on it and crossed my fingers I would be able to participate in this sample.  When I was selected,  I immediately texted my BFF telling her she would be joining me and started looking at different styles online.  There are three types of shopping that I HATE to do-bathing suits (but what woman doesn’t?), bras and jeans.  I have an odd shaped body and find that most retailers just don’t make jeans that fit my shape, which is round belly/no hips or butt/thick thighs/and short.  I was hopeful I would find something that I would love but would have been content with something that fit, kinda.

The BFF, Baby and I all headed over to the new Old Navy across from North Park mall.  I was pretty disappointed that they didn’t have the shopping carts that all the other locations have because I didn’t bring the stroller for Baby to hang out in while I was shopping.  Since she was running around like a mad woman trying to pull things down everywhere, we decided to grab two pairs each and headed to the fitting room. 

I actually really liked the first pair I tried on, which was the The Rock Star  in dark wash.  The only problem was that they were way too long, even with them being petite.  I’m lazy and don’t want to go and get my new jeans hemmed, especially when they are already petite!  So these were a no go.

The BFF tried a pair on Skinny Mini-Flare in rinse.  She and I both agreed that the cut and style of the jeans were flattering all around, but the wash of the jeans made them look like men’s work pants, not stylish women’s jeans.  Which was a bummer because they looked really cute on her!

I then tried on The Flirt in Ruby and loved them!  With my new job, I am allowed to dress casual every day but I feel like these were a little more professional looking than a lot of my jeans.  They were still too long (I am wearing BFF’s 5 inch wedges in the picture) which is frustrating because if I am going to buy petites, I shouldn’t have to wear 5 inch heels in order for them to fit but I digress.  I am really pleased with them though and know they will be in my regular work rotation.

The BFF tried on her last pair but they didn’t fit properly, but after selecting a different (smaller!) size,  she was really happy.  She purchased Slim Flare in rinse.  She is also wearing a shirts she decided to pick up while there, I almost bought the same one for 60’s day at work, but I ended up getting a Beatles shirt which was a hit at the office.

I’m bummed I didn’t get a better picture of all of her new threads, but I was too busy running after baby who was busy making new friends.  With the mannequins.

I am so appreciative that I was able to take part in this sample share.  I think had it not been for this, I would have never considered Old Navy for jeans but now when I am forced to buy more Old Navy will be one of my first stops.  Even if it is just for Baby to hang out with her new BFF. 


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