Sunday, August 7, 2011

Splish Splash

Boyfriend has been working this awful schedule where he goes in at 2:30 and doesn't get off til 11:00 when supposedly both Baby and I are in bed (in reality though that often isn't the case).  He also works on the weekends so for the most part I get to see him Saturday and Sunday from when we wake up until 1:30 when he leaves for work.  I really miss him and feel lonely a lot at nights but for right now, we can't change anything and we are just appreciative that we both have a job.

During those few hours on the weekend, we try to jam as much family time as possible.  Baby just is obviously happier when all three of us together, it is quite cute actually.  She just looks from Boyfriend to me, and back and then will give us each kisses.  This morning we decided to take her to the Ridgewood Splash Park.  It is basically just a big area that has a ton of water features and sprinklers.  Baby is very much a water baby so we had a feeling she would enjoy it but I had no idea she would love it as much as she did.

Baby was grouchy getting out of the car, she has been pretty clingy when Boyfriend is around and always wants him to hold her.  Usually when we take her to the park, she refuses to be held and just runs off.  Well we put her down, but she was crying for him to pick her up.  As soon as he did though, she saw the splash park and just said, "ooooh" and smiled the whole way we were walking there.

We put on her bathing suit and walked over to the splash part (it also has a normal park) and she just started running through the water fountains.  There was one feature that had three rings that squirt water through the middle and after watching one person go through them she knew exactly what to do and wouldn't stop running back and forth through them.

Each time she would run through them, she would hold her arms up like she was running a marathon and going through the finish line.  She spent most of her time going through these circles and even would wait her turn when other people were going.

I don't know why we waited this long to take her there.  We saw this park years ago when we lived on that side of Dallas and always wanted to take our dog (which sadly isn't allowed), I guess we just forgot about it.  I remembered this morning and I'm so glad because it is going to be a common field trip that we take.  There are some great trees that I could bring a chair and sit under while she runs around like a mad woman.

She really liked this one fountain because it was really small until you stood on it, and then it would shoot up really high after you removed your foot. Well, she really enjoyed it until it shot up her nose and she started grabbing her head-I'm assuming the chlorine got in her sinuses and I know how bad that hurts. As a note, I really love how sassy Boyfriend looks in this picture.

After awhile she started to slow down and just start walking around from fountain to fountain.  I could tell she was getting tired (and I was getting really hot) so we told her we were going to go bye bye.  She was really sad.  Really, really sad.

After the splash park we decided to make it a super summer fun day and go to the Yumi-licious near the park.  We are partial to Yogurtland since it is the closest to us (and they are the cheapest!) but Yumi-licious has avocado yogurt and since I'm kinda obsessed with avocados, how could that be a bad thing?  Sadly I was disappointed, it was tasty but not as good as I had hoped.  Also, they were a lot more pricey than many of the other yogurt places so we probably won't make the return trip to that location. 

Even though it was only a few hours, I love our Sunday mornings together.  I hate when Boyfriend has to leave and I know Baby misses him too.  But for a few hours, we get to spend some quality time and just enjoy being with each other as a family.

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