Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bundle up Bash!

Ok... once again I realize this is an infomercial for Crowdtap, but seriously it is such an amazing website!  My latest sample and share that I was given was for Old Navy, titled "Bundle up Bash".  This particular one has been the best I have ever been given-I was able to invite three friends and each one of us could get a sweater, pants and a winter accessory.

We all showed up at our local Old Navy and immediately started going through the store picking out different items.  Interestingly enough, three out of the four of us stuck with our very first selections.

When I saw this shirt I just knew it would fit well and flattering.  You can't tell in the picture but it is slightly sheer and has just a hint of gold sparkle.  I love how it looks just a plain black shirt and it has just a bit of sass.  I picked out black skinny jeans and while I love the way they fit, honestly the material must have aspirations to be a dog because if I just walk anywhere near my dog, my jeans are covered in dog hair.  At least they look cute (without the dog hair!).

Manda wanted to pick out something that would be great for her casual Fridays at work.  She picked a really cute (and comfortable) cable knit sweater.  She also picked up the same jeans that I selected when I did the women's jeans sample and share. 

Rachel also wanted something that she could wear on casual Fridays.  Rachel is a lawyer in an office downtown so she needed something just a bit more on the business side than casual.  She picked a cardigan that can be dressed up or down and a pair of bootcut cords in brown.

Chelsea was the only one who did not like her first selections once she tried them on.  Her first choice the pants just didn't fit properly and the sweater was an awkward length.

Her second choices were perfect though.  The sweater fit perfectly and the pants were exactly what she needs.  Chelsea has a one year old so the color of the sweater will be perfect whenever her daughter decides to get food all over her.

After we picked out our outfits we walked around and looked for our winter accesories.  We all decided on scarfs but we couldn't turn down a photo op showing us "bundled up".

When we were checking out our awesome customer service rep Adam couldn't believe how great of a deal we had.  He wasn't familiar with Crowdtap (it turns out not one employee had heard of it) so I was excited to share the gospel. 

Since my sample and share I think I have worn my outfit at least twice and I have seen each of these girls wearing their choices.  It was such a fun time and I am looking forward to the next one!


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