Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Blogiversary!

One year ago today I started this blog.  I had visions of writing frequent updates so that I could go back and look that the events and times that passed, I wanted to have the details of our everyday life written down so that those small details would not be forgotten.  I wasn't quite horrible at it, I have had 25 entries in the past year-just a little over 2 a month on average.  In the grand picture-that isn't anything and just as I remiss how I have let time slip by me so quickly, I regret not having taken a few moments more often to write something, no matter how little or insignificant my words might have been.

I wish I had thought to document the moment Baby saw snow for the first time, immediately recognizing it as something special (and in Texas the amount of snow we received that day was VERY special).

Even though I was exhausted from staying up all night with Boyfriend putting together Baby's kitchen, I regret not just writing a few words down about how excited she was.  She immediately knew what to do and started microwaving her breakfast, just like her mother does. 

There have been so many firsts this past year, like the time she wore pig tails for the first time at my company's family function. I know we think she is the cutest, but that day we were told by a more than usual amount of people how adorable she is. 

Another first was when she played with another kid-not just played beside them, but actually played and interacted with.  Her playmate was so gentle and made her laugh non stop.  It was so much fun watching her go from being timid and shy to eventually leading him around everywhere.

 I also learned where the saying, "like a kid in the candy store" comes from.  Watching Baby run around this candy store in Galveston was such a great moment-honestly Baby doesn't even know what candy is but somehow she knew that it was a magical treat.

 Baby also was with us when we took our first non-rev flight and as always, she made me so proud.  She just hung out in her seat and read the safety cards the entire flight. As a side note, notice how she can still fit in her infant carseat.  I have a tiny child.

I know regret and how fast time goes by is a common theme for my blog but I just can't help but try to find that delicate balance of holding on to the moments as they slip by and looking back at all the sweet moments I have experienced with her.  In this next upcoming year, I am going to make a bigger effort to take a few moments and make sure I have put down in words exactly how beautiful life has been with her.


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