Friday, September 21, 2012

Just Like Her Father

I am still working a schedule of four 10 hour days with one weekday off.  My current day off is on Tuesdays-both Baby and I sleep in long after Boyfriend has left for the day and we always have the same ritual.

I wake up probably around 9:00-9:30 and Baby is still fast asleep.  I try to convince my mind to shut off for a bit longer and enjoy the sleep while Baby is still passed out, but I just can't.  I'll turn on the computer and start clicking around on Facebook and catching up on my Google Reader and about 30 minutes in, Baby will wake up.

Baby always wakes up so happy on my days off and is just full of chatter and smiles.  She also has her own Tuesday morning routine, she sets up the pillows next to me on the bed, pats them down for maximum comfort and lies as close as she can next to me but not on me.  I then hand her my phone which she plays around on her games for a few minutes while I finish up on my lolcats (just kidding on the lolcats-most of them are not funny anymore).

This past Tuesday, for whatever reason Baby seemed to have a stronger desire for cuddling than normal.  At first she followed the traditional routine and was lying right next to me but after a few moments I noticed she was inching up to being on top of my arm.  A few minutes later, she is actually half way on my arm and half on the bed.  Several minutes later she is actually completely on top of me, with her legs covering the laptop keyboard and her head leaning on my shoulder.

Please don't misunderstand, I love cuddling.  You ask me what a perfect day would consist of and one of my first answers would be cuddles.  But at that moment, I was trying to pay the bills and had to finish them right then-otherwise I might have forgotten to pay something later and I need my cellie so that my other, secret, boyfriend can get in contact with me. 

So I ask her to scoot over which she does just enough that she isn't fully on top of me, but just covering my arm which I am ok with.  Minutes pass by, another bill paid and I notice she is starting to gradually make her way back over.  She starts to cuddle into me as deep as she can, almost as if she wanted to cuddle so hard she would be inside me.

I am on my last bill so I tell her, "Baby-will you please scoot over just a little bit so Momma can use her arms please? I only need two more minutes and then we can cuddle all you want".  In that moment Baby transformed into her father-she sighed extremely loud and got up and walked to the complete other side of the bed and made herself comfortable there.

I was half amused and half frustrated.  How does a two year already have that much attitude?  How does she know how to be sarcastic already?!  I can just see the foreshadowing that is happening and what my sixteen year old daughter is going to be like.  I'm starting to fear the teenage years more and more each day.  After that though, I did what I should have done when she first started to do sneak cuddle and put the computer away and told her to come over, and unlike her father, she happily crawled into my arms.

I held Baby for as long as she wanted, but just as I'm sure it will be 12 years from now, it was a moment quickly passed and too short.  My sweet girl was ready to get up and running for the day.  There were no further episodes of sarcasm that day, but there was another glimpse of the dreaded teen years-she refused to get in the car because her grandmother did not compliment her on her dress.


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