Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Rolling on dubs

I've said this to many people in my life there are three things in my life that I have just known.  The first thing was the night Boyfriend asked me to be his girlfriend, I was being a typical (slightly psychotic) girl and flipped through the calendar looking at when our anniversary would next fall on a Saturday.  That moment, I knew my wedding would be on June 2nd, 2007 and it was.

The other thing I knew was that I would work for the company I do now.  I don't remember when I knew this, but even when I was in college I knew I would work for an airline.  Then when I moved back to Dallas from College Station, I started applying to Southwest and was finally successful a little over a year ago.

The last thing that I just *know* hasn't come true for me yet.   It will though, and one day I'll be able to say, "See! I told you I would win the lottery one day!"  I feel this to be true with the same conviction that I had for the other parts of my life so I don't see why this one won't come true as well.

Boyfriend and I like to think about what we will do when we win the lottery.  Our first plan is to tell not one soul, but I'm sure that won't work out.  I mean how are we going to explain how we are rolling on dubs and making it rain at the club?  Really though, both Boyfriend and I have agreed that we both still want to work even after I win the lottery.  I won't want to work quite as much (ok, maybe only 20% as much as I work) but I honestly do love to work.  Not to mention that if both of us didn't work we would be around each other 24/7 and I'm pretty sure that is why so many couples get divorced after winning the lottery.

Mostly though we think about how we it would change how we raise Baby.  I like to think that extreme financial wealth wouldn't change my perspectives on how to raise a child.  I still would want to instill a sense of budget, the desire to save and the feeling of knowing that hard work can pay off.  I think even with a bigger disposable income I still wouldn't spend $100 on a baby outfit and shop at Target and kid thrift stores.  Should my lottery winnings hit before she turns 16, I hope that I don't get caught up in the excitement and buy her a new car.

And maybe my gut is wrong, I won't actually win the lottery itself. But I mean this with every bit of intuition I have, one day I will receive a major, life changing windfall of money.  It doesn't even have to be millions-for us 100k would be a game changer.   I hope I don't change, but if I do-please don't hesitate to knock me upside the head with a bottle of Cristal from my personal stash and remind me that I didn't want to be that way.  Of course I will understand if you decide to wait until after I had made it rain to do so.


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