Friday, February 15, 2013

Boyfriend and I don't really do Valentine's Day.  Our first one together, it was pretty magical as it was the first one I had really had with a boyfriend.  It snowed a little over an inch (y'all-in Texas that is a ton!) and everything was beautiful and picture perfect.  He even took me to The Melting Pot, on holidays they do set menus at $80+ per person so for us as baby 19 year olds, that was big money (who am I kidding-it still is now!).

Another thing that happened that first Valentines Day I remember telling him, "We have been together for so long, 8 months!" to which he immediately responded with, "Nothing in comparison to forever".  We were kinda obsessed with each other from day one and knew we would get married very early on but that response always replays fondly in my mind.

I'm not sure what happened between that year and this year, our 10th Valentine's Day that caused it to not be a big deal in our household.  Maybe I was mad because one year I spent forever making him this story book full of inside jokes and he didn't appreciate it (and to be fair now, it was really, REALLY juvenile-something only a girl would love for her boyfriend to give her, not the reverse).  Or maybe my cheap self decided since Valentine's Day falls directly between my birthday and his, we just wouldn't make it a big deal.  I don't really know, and honestly I don't care-every day is a day we show each other how much we are about each other (or maybe every other day if we are keeping it real).

I realized this year though, with a child, Valentine's Day is going to take on a new meaning in the next few years.  Baby made me and Boyfriend, with the help of her awesome Nana, some pictures.  She was so proud and so excited to surprise us with them.  My mother even managed to surprise us that she could take Baby back to the past, the date on her card was Feb 14, 1990!

I can see the next few years her getting really, really excited to participate in activities surrounding the day.  I look forward to the not so distant future watching her pick out which boxed valentine that she wants to send to that special person she likes.  I know I would analyze each card to decide which would convey my crush without actually saying it.  The year I had animal themed cards (because my mom never bought me the cool trendy ones!) I would send a friend a card saying, "Owl Be Your Valentine" and to my crush, "Bow Wow Valentine, You are Perrrrrfect!"

Speaking of play on words for Valentine's Day, I want to leave you with this as my Asian cutie will appreciate.


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