Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Sunday was Boyfriend's birthday.   Up until Sunday, I spent six weeks being the older woman which he was always very proud of, but no longer!  10 birthdays ago for him, I remember reading on his Livejournal about his 19th birthday and how he had waited so long to get to that age so he could related to the Old 97s song. 

"We came back and finished off a bottle of vodka, green apple flavored. I had like 8 shots in 45 minutes. Jared had to walk Katie to class because I was too drunk to go anywhere. Hutch told me to go to dinner with him and when I walked outside I lost him. Hot Jenna came by with a birthday cake, which was really sweet. If you have seen the Bachelorette, Jenna looks a lot like Trista, except Jenna is hotter and doesn't do that stupid baby voice like Trista does."

A small excerpt from that LJ entry, I remember being insanely jealous of this Hot Jenna he spoke of (who he still to this day refers to her as such, but she really is so I can't blame him).  I remember wishing that I hadn't screwed up our friendship for another boy, but that is another story for a different time.   Luckily just a few months later, that other boy decided I wasn't worth the effort and I have had the extreme fortune to spend Boyfriend's next nine and counting birthdays making him birthday cakes instead of Hot Jenna.

For me, birthdays are so important.  I feel bad, I don't think that I did enough for Boyfriend this year.  We had a great brunch with some of our closest friends, dinner with my mom, cake with Baby (apparently birthdays=lots of eating delicious foods) but I didn't really *do* anything.  We don't exchange presents in our relationship but normally I still like to find ways to make the day special. Last year, we went to Vegas and in years past we have made a really fun day out of it.  The only year that less effort was made was the year that I was pregnant but you can pretty much get a pass out of anything when you are pregnant (especially be 36 weeks and in prodromal labor already).

 Boyfriend is the most important person in my life, my main squeeze, my other half.  And even though he hasn't complained, I feel guilty I didn't take the time to show him how much his special day means to me-even if it doesn't mean that much to him.  Baby however, took extreme pleasure in wishing her daddy a happy birthday at least 25 times during the day and singing to him.  She was so cute, Boyfriend even let her help blow out his birthday candles on his cake.


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