Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nature is Taking It's Course

This weekend was a bunch of nothing again and I loved every moment, just like last weekend.  I've been laying low because physcially I haven't completed the process of the miscarriage yet (sorry for TMI) so I didn't want to be caught out somewhere when it does happen.

Saturday, the only thing we did was go to breakfast with the BFF and her husband before Boyfriend's flag football game.  While Boyfriend was playing flag football, the girls went to Target.  As always, walking around I found a bunch of stuff I *had* to buy, dropping a Grant but on the plus side, I have some of Baby's Valentine's Day present ready.  After that we came home, napped and just played with Baby.

Today we were up early and went to get pho in part of our Chinese New Year celebration.  Baby usually gets a very small bowl but was upset and declared she wanted a BIG bowl of pho.  We eat out often, but the only place she will eat her entire meal without a doubt is at pho places.  Boyfriend is so proud.  Once we came home, napped again and now we are watching Mulan-keeping up with the Asian theme.

I started cramping this afternoon so I am just praying that nature is taking action and everything will be over soon.  I know emotionally I won't be completely healed for some time, but I need the physical process to be over.  I'm also ready to stop being so tired!  I feel like all I have the energy to do is to wake up so that I can take a nap in just a few hours. 

I can't say it enough, but Boyfriend has been more than amazing this whole time.  I'm sure he is ready for me to be back to my normal self (no one is more than I am).  On the plus side I have gotten out of chores and don't really feel that guilty that I have been lying around on the couch for the last two weeks. 

I am hoping that this week goes by quickly.  On Friday, the Boyfriend and I, along with three other couples are going down south to stay in a cabin next to the river for the weeknd.  Our weekend plans consist of relaxation, wine tasting/tour and I am sure watching our boys be dumb playing with fire.


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