Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Yesterday was my week day off, and based off the last couple of weeks I wanted it to be a happy day.  Originally my plan was to have Boyfriend take Baby to daycare so I could sleep in and spend the day cleaning.  I know that sounds like the opposite of a happy day, but for me, having the entire day to clean my house while I don't have a little tornado behind me destroying everything I have already done (or distracting me with requests to cuddle) sounds amazing. 

My plan was foiled though when on Monday, Baby decided to play sick at daycare so she could skip it the next day to spend it with me.  Her provider sent me a text Monday afternoon stating she was running a low fever so Nana of the year picked her up.  When I came home Monday evening, she was already in bed so I am sure she wasn't feeling well but by Tuesday morning there was no signs of sickness.  Luckily for me, spending a day with my daughter is also a happy day.

For once, she actually woke up before me and asked to watch a show on my phone so I happily obliged so I could get a little more sleep while cuddling my sweet girl.  When we woke up we took a shower and headed to my doctor's appointment.  On the way there, she asked for a donut (which a strange request as we don't really eat a lot of them in our house) so we stopped by Hypnotic Donuts.

Boyfriend and I have been before and just like last time, we were there when there were slim pickings.  Baby selected a simple pink frosted donut with sprinkles and I got some sort of chocolate/peanut butter/banana thing.  Baby was enthralled with her choice. Of course she ate all the sprinkles first and then the rest of it, but she was so happy with her sprinkles.

After my doctor's appointment we stopped at Whole Foods, not the typical store we shop at but it was near by and I wanted to get Boyfriend a surprise-his favorite cake as a, "hey you are pretty awesome" treat.  While we were in there, I also saw Sumo fruit.  It is something like a cross between a mandarin and a regular orange.  I just think it looks like a boob, but Boyfriend and I have been trying to find some everywhere since it has a very short season so I picked three up.  The price of three of these boobs are sumo in price, it was $9 for just three!

Once we got home, it was my favorite part of the day-nap time!  We were lying in bed and baby wasn't just quite ready to fall asleep so she just sat there and talked herself to sleep pretty much.  At one point, I told her, "Baby I'm tired let's nap" and she told me she wasn't ready yet.  She continued to talk for a little bit longer and then gave me a big hug, and said "Ok Mommy, I'm ready to sleep now" and put her head down and fell asleep within moments.

Boyfriend came home not too long after our nap and we enjoyed dinner together and catching up on the Bachelor to which he lost his cool when Tierra stated that she can't control her eyebrow and that no one will take her sparkle away.  This morning he even was sending me twitter accounts from Tierra's eyebrow and sparkle so it definitely made an impression.

Overall, it was exactly the kind of day off I needed.  And I suppose since this happened after midnight-it can't count as happening on my day off, but Boyfriend declared Baby potty trained so of course I woke up covered in pee.  I wasn't able to fall back asleep for three more hours which was a major bummer.  On the plus side, now that I am mostly through Wednesday only two more work days until the weekend and our couples getaway!


  1. she just gets cuter and cuter. and of course he says she's potty trained and that happens. sorry friend.


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