Monday, March 18, 2013

Allergic to Running

I am allergic to running.

No, for real, I legit am allergic.  If I do anything more than a leisurely stroll, I will start to break out in hives on my legs, waist and back.  I have always been this way, but I very specifically remembering it becoming a problem when I was in sixth grade during gym class.  I spent many afternoons in the nurses office trying to tell them how bad it was but they just thought I was trying to get out of class.

Over the years I have made half hearted attempts to start running on the regular.  Every single time though the same thing happens.  I get to a point, usually five-six minutes in where I start to get a tiny itch in my legs.  Then I start to feel my waist twitching.  Then my legs start to swell, I will look down and they are huge and red.  I get to a point I have to make a choice, try and ignore the itching that is bone deep or scratch.

I always try to ignore it but then I will, no joke, start to have a panic attack from the itching.  I know that sounds CRAZY, and y'all I might just be, but this type of itch is a special mental and physical torture.  I wish it seemed reasonable, but it isn't in the least bit.

Yesterday, I tried to do C25K.  I made it my first mile before I was on the curb with Baby in front of me in the jogging stroller watching me claw at my legs, trying to literally not pass out from itching.  While doing so, I destroyed my legs.  (Please ignore the fact that my legs look like they have been amputated.  Also-I can make that joke since my dad really did have that happen.)

Each one of those lines today are where I scratched so deep, I have a blood line going up and down my leg.  Sexy.

Mentally, I want so badly to be a runner.  I want to be able to just put shoes on and go.  I want to be alone with my thoughts.  I just don't think it is in my cards.  I have had semi success with taking antihistamines prior to running so I am going to experiment with that the next couple of weeks.  In the meantime though, I'll just continue to tell people I am allergic to running and be told, "Sure....just like I am allergic to work" (or paying bills/homework/yard work or whatever other activity they deem not enjoyable).


  1. Do you stretch before you run? I know that if I don't stretch before I run, my muscles itch like crazy!!! Might give it a shot.

  2. All that lactic acid being released by your muscles is probably getting what's getting you all worked up-trying compression tights when you run might work.

  3. I saw your blog through Stephanie Lindgren's Blog- and the same thing happens to me. I have tried to research with little luck. I am going to to the antihistimines too. If I find something that works I will let you know!


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