Monday, April 22, 2013

Updates, in Bullet Points

Oh goodness.  Life got busy y'all.  I was semi doing better with updating and then the regular (life) happened.  So instead of trying to cover everything-here is the last month highlights, in bullet points.

*I think I might have conquered running a tiny bit.  It is literally one step at a time, but the next time I ran after my last post, I just decided that I wasn't going to stop.  I took a combination of advice of stretching, antihistamines and compression pants (well if you count kids yoga pants as compression) and I made it.  Not only did I make it-I ran an entire mile straight through.  I know that isn't much, but it is a start and I was damn proud.  Somehow Baby knew when I was struggling as I was pushing her stroller and just at the moment I was starting to fade, she cheered, "Run,  Mommy run!"  Somehow she knew I needed the encouragement exactly when I did.

*In regards to running, Boyfriend and I were doing great-going out three to four times a week.  The last two weeks though, not so much.  My life was obsessed with Mom's Night Out (update on a later bullet point) for Dallas Moms Blog as the event coordinator so my evenings from work went straight onto the computer to answer emails that I couldn't sneak respond to during work between calls.  Today starts new and I am heading to the gym directly after work.

*Mom's Night Out was a cold success.  I enjoyed working with the contributors to plan what I think is such a crucial event for moms.  We had almost 200 women surrounding each other with friendship, food and drinks.  I loved running around during the event, standing over the group watching all the details that were worked on by our extraordinary group fall together.  The day of  technology got the best of me on a number of things, but in the end everything worked together perfectly with the exception of our lovely Texas weather.  Every day last week was gorgeous, last Thursday I woke up to pouring rain and while the sun greeted us-it was downright chilly.

*Baby is starting to be creative in her truths (like how I just put that spin on lying?).  I know a three year old won't lie intentionally, but she is starting to come up with crazy things.  The biggest one is if you ask her how she got X cut on her she will tell you mommy or daddy did it.

"Baby, how did you get that cut on your lip?"
"Daddy pushed me into a tree!"

"Baby, what is that mark on your eye?"
"Mommy hit me!"  (ok, that one might be true, my nail and her eye collided in the dark).

Seriously though, we don't beat our child-even though one time in Target I yelled, "Baby, I'm going to beat you!" meaning that I was going to race her to the front door.  Hopefully she learns it isn't the best idea to tell people her parents push her into the table corners or bang her legs with a stick.

*I ordered my first Erin Condren planner with my gift card from my MNO swag bag.  To say I am excited is a little bit of an understatement.  I am a sucker for paper planners and these are so cute!

*Work is better than it has been in the last year.  I have a new lead who is very intentional with my career and I can already see the difference in my path.  It is so unreal how having  different people above you can make or break you, regardless of how awesome you are. It isn't that I have had someone in the past leading me that wasn't invested in me, but my new lead sees the same thing in me that I see in myself and it is inspiring to work my hardest so I can grow.

*I am going out of town with my best girlfriends in just 12 days to Chicago.  I am so, so excited and can't wait for my first trip to the windy city!

*Life isn't really going to get less busy.  I've just was just accepted to be a contributor for another national blog, it is wedding season, summer is around the corner.  I half love being that busy and maybe a quarter hate it.  There is something about knowing your days are filled with friends and family, knowing that you are so blessed to have so much to do because you have such great relationships.  I have said this every time, but I really do want to be better at updating so that I have the ability to look back at my blog and remember all the things that happened when life was whizzing by. 


  1. so excited that running is going well. can't convince me. or my ankle. Also happy to hear your family, the event and life is going well!


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