Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Boyfriend and I very blessed to have a healthy child who rarely gets sick.  Her first fever was two days after starting Mother's Day Out and ended up with pneumonia, but other than one virus this past year she has been healthy.

I think our pediatrician jinxed us at her three year check up because as she was leaving, she said, "I bet I won't even see you again until her four year check up!"  I blame her for us sitting in her office just a couple weeks later.

Baby just has a standard stomach virus, she woke up Monday night with a fever, but woke up acting her happy self in the morning.  I was nervous it was a UTI due to some other symptoms so I made an appointment for her that afternoon.  I am not the mom who brings her kid to the doctor for every fever they get, but if it was an UTI I wanted it caught immediately.

On the way to the doctor's office, apparently Baby lost her lunch in Boyfriend's car.  He didn't have a change of clothing and since my work is pretty close to her doctor I met them up there.  We were given the official diagnosis of a paranoid mom, no UTIs, just your every day stomach virus.

I went back to work and Boyfriend nurtured Baby the rest of the evening.  When I came home, she was in a great mood but you could tell she wasn't feeling well because she was just hanging around.  She fell asleep really early on the couch with us last night.

Today is my day off and I woke up to her hours before her normal wake up time screaming for Daddy.  Apparently he took such good care of her last night that Mommy was not going to do today.  I calmed her down and we went into the living room where she continued to throw up many times into a towel. 

As my Facebook post suggests above, I am not immune to my child getting sick.  We were gagging right along together, luckily I was able to hold it together enough I didn't actually get sick.  She fell back asleep for another couple of hours and woke up as though nothing was wrong.  She even was adamant that we call Daddy to tell him she pooped three times in the potty.

She fell back asleep and woke up the complete opposite once more, this time for the worse.  We spent a literal two hours walking around our house trying to find anything to calm her down.  Nothing worked, she just couldn't communicate what was wrong.  On my third try of a Dora distraction it suddenly just worked and she was totally calm, as though nothing happened.

Currently she is dancing to Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  I don't trust it though, I am on edge wondering when the next change in personality is going to come.  The only thing am sure of is that Boyfriend is on his way home, and even if we have another crying jag, I am not on solo baby duty anymore :)


  1. ugh that's awful! I am so sorry Cassidy! at least she is dancing now!


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