Sunday, September 22, 2013

Trashing Your Bread and Butter

Post by Smyth.

I have never heard of this place (mostly because I am lame and never go out) until having several different people link to Smyth's Facebook post about the owners calling out the specific guests, by name, who did not show up for their reservations.
Please don't get me wrong-I absolutely think that the individuals who did not honor their reservation are in the wrong, there just isn't an excuse.  But as the face of customer service for my company, things like this just make me cringe.  You can't turn on your guests that way, your bread and butter, and expect it to be ok.
I get where the company is coming from-all of the reservations that didn't show, that is a considerable amount of potential revenue that could have been lost.  I don't even disagree with them making a public post about people not showing up and how it hurts them, and other guests.  
But calling people out by name?  There are over 40 individuals who were referenced (if you are considering group size) who I have a feeling will not be a future patron of Smyth.  I am sure the feeling is mutual, however why didn't the owner of Smyth take into consideration that word of mouth, especially for new businesses, can make or break your establishment.
Who knows, maybe this is just a publicity stunt.  It definitely got my attention-but in a negative light for me, because for a company that so could so easily turn on it's customers is not one that I want to ever spend my hard earned date nights on.
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  1. omg, that is seriously crazy. and as someone who has worked in customer service this just doesn't work. I would never go there because of that.


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