Sunday, October 6, 2013

Project Mom Review: Do What Matters

Last weekend I was provided the opportunity to attend Project Mom because of a partnership with Dallas Moms Blog.  The only conferences I have ever attended prior to this was Key Club convention back in high school.  Those conventions were the highlight of my school year, providing a laundry list of memories and knowledge that my girlfriends and I still bring up today.
While Project Mom was only a day conference I left excited for how I was going to, "mom" differently going forth.  The morning started out with a short video about what it is like to be a mom and I literally started out my morning laughing out loud and crying, and I instantly knew the day was going to make an impression.

I attended three different sessions and while I won't go over each one, I learned a lot, felt reassured over some of my individual parenting choices and confirmed that I wanted to make a few changes in our approaches.  The biggest impact for me, however, was during one of the keynote speeches when we were told to, "do what matters".

Total common sense, but the speaker reminded us that as moms we are pulled in so many different directions and have more tasks that need to be done than we have time, or strength (physical or emotional) to complete.  She explained to us that her philosophy is that she decides to simply do what matters.

That speaks to me in several ways and I feel like I have tried to live by that idea but I need to emphasize this on a daily basis and not let any of the mom guilt that comes natural to any mother get in the way.

Some days, letting the house stay a mess so I can play with Baby or cuddle her, or in reality, get my nap in, is what matters.  Other times it really does matter that  I clean the house and not let it go to the wayside any longer.  Going out with my girlfriends on a regular basis does matter to me, a lot, but it doesn't have to be every opportunity I am presented with (not that I actually do this).

I know this seems so basic, and obvious.  But as a mom-it is hard, really hard.  There are days that I become so overwhelmed with everything that has to be done outside of my full time position that I just end up doing nothing, letting precious time go to waste.  

I am really appreciative that I had the opportunity to attend the conference and am already looking forward to next years event.  It has only been a week but I catch myself executing some of the techniques I learned and I can honestly say I feel like I am a better mom.
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  1. sounds like a really great conference, sometimes we need to be reminded of things, even if we think we know!

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