Monday, December 16, 2013

Hi Baby!

My fabulous doctor (and I mean that with no sarcasm) and I have had a slight disagreement on my due date.  Without being graphic, I know *exactly* how far along I am, but according to the traditional last menstrual period, or as Boyfriend's dad like to refer to it, "Lady Day" I should be further along than I am.  Not too much to make a difference unless for the unholy reason I end up going to 42 weeks, in which case my doctor has agreed to go with my calculations vs hers when it comes to discussing an induction (which I don't want, without medical necessity).
In any case, two days after I became pregnant, and about 10 days before confirmation, Baby leaned over to me quite randomly, kissed my belly and said, "Hi Baby! I love you!"  At this point, because my cycle was obviously quite off, I had no reason whatsoever to think I was pregnant but in that moment-I knew that a couple weeks from then I would be seeing that second line on the pee stick.
Baby is so excited for her future brother or sister.  She tells me that she has a baby in her belly as well and named it Pillow.  She asks me at least once daily when she will be a big sister and when will the baby come out of my belly.  
A few days ago, I asked her how her baby was going to come out of her belly.  She pointed to her mouth, grinning.  Boyfriend asked her how my baby was going to come out of my belly.  She excitedly whispered, "Her gina!"  I can't remember having a conversation with her about that, but I find it quite amusing that even she doesn't want to imagine how babies really come out.
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