Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Boy or Girl?

Sorry for anyone who might have gotten excited about the title of the post thinking this was an announcement of the sex of #2.  We aren't finding out until hopefully it comes (hopefully quickly and as painless as possible) out of my belly.  
We didn't find out with Baby either.  Well to an extent-at our 20 week anatomy scan we had expressed our desire to not know if the baby had a hamburger or a turtle.  The tech had wrongly assumed we would have no idea when he was scanning over genitalia because for even less than half a second, Boyfriend and I both thought we saw girl parts but it was such a short moment that we weren't even sure that is what we saw so we still never really *knew*.  From that moment on though, I had girl feelings and wasn't the least bit surprised when Boyfriend announced, "It is a girl!"

Unlike with Baby, we did do genetic testing that also included finding out the sex chromosomes.  I had to have the test repeated, and unfortunately the nurse accidentally forgot to select the box that would not send those particular results back the second round.  When she called me to let me know the results (very low risk of any chromosomal defects, thankfully) she asked me what I thought I was having.  I immediately shouted, "I don't want to know!" and she was so disappointed that she now knows and is worried that she will spoil it, despite having never done so before.
My next appointment they removed that information from my file so there isn't the accidental spill by someone who is not aware of my desire to not be filled in, and when we have our next sonogram in a few weeks I will be asking him to please let me know any time he is near #2's crotch so we will physically turn our heads.
I wasn't sure I wanted a second.  I always said that if I could cherry pick and be promised a boy, I would have a second because I so desperately didn't want to have two girls.  Then I became pregnant and decided for the first 6-8 weeks that it was definitely a girl and decided sisters wouldn't be so bad after all-at least once we were past the teen years.
Now I am actually having boy thoughts and at sometimes I really can't decide which I desire more because I had realized all the advantages of having two girls.  Of course, the only thing I truly *want* is that I have a healthy baby, but I also think there is nothing wrong with having a sex preference.
I really will be surprised and delighted either way, as long as it isn't Baby's guess, a boy AND a girl!

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(Editor's note-when I initially wrote this, I referred to #2 as a she coming out of my belly.  I wonder if my subconscious is telling me something.) 


  1. haha oh no twins, that would be a really crazy turn!! i like that you dont find out, i can't wait!


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