Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

While I was sick last week, I might have complained quite a bit about having to stay at home and rest but there was one major advantage-Thursday was a snow day!  When you live in Texas, any chance of snow is always highly anticipated by the news and all they can talk about, only to wake the next day to nothing other than cold, for Texas, weather.
When Boyfriend texted me (and woke me up, rude) the next morning to see how I was feeling he told me it was snowing.  Somehow I and almost every other person I knew, missed the fact that not only were we anticipating snow but there was tons of it (again, for our area of Texas which maybe sees it once a year).
I had anticipated on taking Baby to daycare so she could play with her friends instead of being around her mom on a couch but decided it was too rare of an occurrence to miss watching her play in the snow. When I woke Baby to tell her it was snowing, she literally squealed and screamed with delight.  She immediately started running around the house looking for her white boots because those are snow boots unlike her brown ones which are cowgirl boots.  Texans don't really have appropriate snow gear so I layered her up in a couple of jackets, found some mittens and let her go to town.

 When Boyfriend came home, we took a quick walk to the park down our street.  It was just incredible to me that I had no idea that we would even see a snowflake and we had enough to make actual snowballs.  Baby had a ton of fun throwing them at her dad but was not pleased when he would reciprocate the action.
There are a lot of experiences that are just better when you have children, and snow days are definitely one of them.  It was just magical to see how excited she was and the novelty of it was infectious.  All that said, I was extremely glad that just two days later I was greeted by the warm sun and nearly 60 degree temperatures.
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  1. ahh so cute!! i can't believe all the now we got in such a short amount of time!


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