Monday, February 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Boyfriend

  Every year I start the 39 day countdown from January 16th to February 24th with great anticipation.  It isn't as popular as the countdown between say, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there is one single thing that makes me cross off each day on the calendar with satisfaction-one less day that Boyfriend can refer to me as "the older woman".
For whatever reason, he takes such great pride in the fact that I, "rob the cradle" or that I am his, "Cougar."  Just a bit of harmless teasing but all the same, we are officially on even playing ground- 30 and awesome.
I adore the fact that I have watched him grow from a youngin who was looking forward to the day he could relate to Old 97's Nineteen track  to a man who now identifies more with Phil from Modern Family.  

I've mentioned this before, Boyfriend and I decided that we would marry and our future family plans once we hit that major milestone, two weeks.  Sitting and dreaming about what our children would look like, what type of home we would have, gently arguing on the breed of dogs we would have.
Life looks a little different than we anticipated (we thought we would just now be starting our family instead of taking the steps to complete it) and sadly our plan to win the lottery hasn't quite happened yet, but many things have remained consistent and exceeded expectations.
Boyfriend is the perfect co-parent.  Seriously, I couldn't ask, or even dream of more.  He always steps in where I lack, and I always can count on him to be where I can't.  As a partner he wants to see me fulfill my dreams, even if it is to the sacrifice of his.  For him, happiness is making me happy.
Sure there are days that he has me ragingly angry that puts a 13 year old girl going through puberty to shame but they are far and few between and maybe I might contribute to whatever situation, just a little bit.
I'm excited to enter the next, new and exciting, stage in our life with Boyfriend.  I'm thrilled that I get the opportunity to give him more grey hairs (that no joke, started the week after we got married), I look forward to us growing old together, looking back at when we were just babes at the age of 30.
Happy Birthday Boyfriend.  You are my favorite and I wub you very, very much.
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