Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Texas Burrito Company-Anything Rolled This Good Should Be Illegal

I really love food.  I know many people will say, "sure so do I" but seriously I'm kinda obsessed.  
Yeah right.  Krispy Kreme, my current pregnancy favorite, is the first thing that comes to mind.  I have no problem sacrificing skinny (which I actually have no desire to ever be) as long as I can indulge on those warm little pillows of glazed deliciousness. 

Dallas Moms Blog understands my adoration for edibles and sent me to check out the latest food truck to hit the Dallas scene, Texas Burrito Company(TBC) at their launch party last week. 
Owned by Two Trucks LLC. who is also responsible for the nomtastic The Butcher’s Son, Gandolfo’s, and What’s da Scoop, TBC is rounding out the foodie options of burritos, tacos, bowls and salads.  Also offering elotes as a side, Boyfriend and I were stoked to try a little of everything.

As a wannabe foodie, I do have a confession to make.  As much as I seriously want to love all things spicy, I just can't handle the heat.  I'm a complete baby-even pepper will torture my taste buds.  I have gotten slightly better in the fact that I can take a bite or two to savor spicy offerings, but for the most part I have to steer clear. 
Both the elotes and the fire grilled steak were extremely tasty and someone a little more mature than I would adore, but they both packed a punch of heat that I just couldn't handle more than a few bites.  The ATX taco though was the perfect solution though with goat cheese, full slices of bacon, perfectly ripe avocado and well seasoned chicken.
I didn't see a dessert offering by TBC but our hosts didn't leave us hanging-parked right outside was What's da Scoop and no joke, even though they didn't have the stereotypical ice cream truck soundtrack, I heard the ice cream angels singing.  
There are a few other unnamed ice cream trucks around the Dallas area and while they really top notch, I am not exaggerating when I say I have thought about going back on a daily basis for another ice cream treat.  I ordered Black Magic, a Nutella lined waffle cone, Zanzibar ice cream, Dulce De Leche, sea salt and whipped cream and can't stop dreaming about it.  One tip-as delightful as the cone was and really did add a complementary crunch, I would suggest getting yours served in a dish with the cone on the side.  
While our meals were complimentary, we weren't asked to post or review so please trust me when I tell you it is worth stalking their Twitter to find out where they are and grabbing a burrito or taco (or two, or three...).  
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  1. this is so awesome Cassidy!! thanks so much for coming out and trying everything! I'm a baby about spicy stuff too! Seriously the ice cream, so good i could eat it all day. sometimes i do.


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