Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Weekend in Glen Rose, Texas

I've mentioned before that Boyfriend and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day.  It just isn't our thing and I'm all about date nights at a good restaurant without pre fixe menus that are overpriced.
We seem to have come up with a fantastic solution-a romantic weekend trip...with all of our couple friends!
Last year, we rented a cabin at Canyon Lake and while we loved our cabin and being near the lake, for a trip that happened from Friday evening-Sunday afternoon, it was just a tad bit too far.  This year we wanted to find something that was more in the 1-2 hour range of driving for Dallas and landed upon this listing on Air B&B.

Seriously, we couldn’t have been more pleased with our rental.  The home was just absolutely gorgeous and the owners obviously took extreme pride in being hosts-we had more snacks than our large group could eat, plenty of space and it just seemed as every little detail was thought of.  They even had a safety ladder upstairs, which after seeing it made me think that should be an obvious inclusion, but sadly it is not.  
Upon our arrival, Boyfriend and BFF’s husband immediately got into the country state of mind.

Our first dinner was at Hammond’s, supposedly the place in Glen Rose to order BBQ.  I was not disappointed at all but the highlight was the warm banana pudding.  I actually don’t like my pudding warm but with each bite I grew fonder and fonder.  The boys at first refused to eat any and then immediately stole half our dessert after their first bites.  
We stayed up late talking, watching the boys make up silly card games and while I was so sad to miss out (extreme sarcasm), also participating in the yearly Moonshine Cherry eating contest.  Why we have decided to make this a tradition I have no idea but I was really, really happy I didn’t have to partake.

We all woke up early the next morning, the boys went on a hike, some of the girls went on a run and I did nothing but sit on the couch soaking in the sun.  It was glorious.  The boys came back and cooked a big breakfast (all cooking utensils and cookware provided by our hosts-seriously they thought of everything!) for everyone.  

After breakfast, we headed out to Revolver Brewery.  The weather was near perfect-a bit windy but temperature wise we were neither cool nor warm and just enjoyed hanging out all day outside.  
 Apparently Revolver makes their beer a bit stronger than the average brew because having the preggo and the non beer drinker as a DD came in handy.  Naps were taken by many upon our arrival “home” while others just relaxed on the porch.

For dinner we made pizza, pasta and salad and we discovered the one item our hosts didn’t have-a pizza cutter.  That said, we didn’t expect them to have it and of course a knife works just fine.  People started to get to bed pretty much after dinner, I think everyone was tired from staying up so late the night before and being in the sun all day.

The next morning another breakfast was made by our boys and we cleaned up/packed our belongings for the last part of our group activities-Fossil Rim.  I had never been and was really excited.  At first it seemed as though we went on the wrong day-it was cloudy, the animals weren’t really hanging out near the cars but about 2 miles into the 9 mile trip the sun came out and we felt like kids identifying the various animals and feeding them.  

If you have never visited Fossil Rim-one warning I wish we had known.  It is a LONG 9 miles and there is a bathroom right around the halfway mark, after the giraffes.  If anyone in your party is a frequent bathroom breaker, be sure to go right before you start and drink no liquids otherwise you are stuck with no place to go.

After our trip around the Rim, our cars parted ways to head home.  My car stopped at Pie Peddler’s, I couldn’t decide and picked a little of everything to take home.  I was really, really sad when I had finished my pie selections and wanted to steal Boyfriend’s but I was nice and only ate half.

When Boyfriend and I got home, we were greeted by an ecstatic Baby and a Nana who was exhausted after their weekend together.  I relish our weekend trips away and am already looking forward to next year.  

 Does anyone have any suggestions on a semi-local place to Dallas to visit next year?  Ideally we would like for it to be no more than four hours away. One of our favorite things about Glen Rose was that it was close enough that several of our friends were able to drive out to hang out for the day since they couldn't actually stay the weekend.
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