Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happy Birthday Baby

Last week was Baby's fourth birthday.  It was the first birthday that she really embraced it as her special day-last year she semi understood, but there was no denying the fact that she was The Birthday Girl.

Starting around November, we would discuss each month and whose birthday would occur-January was mine, February was Boyfriend's, March hers and so on until June when she got to #2's.  (We literally do have one, at minimum, very close family member each month between January-June).
We also went back and forth many, many times on what type of party she wanted to have.  She has started to attend birthday parties of her daycare friends and wanted to have one just like them.  I was starting to get excited about the various themes we could do (her obsessions are Frozen, Hello Kitty and My Little Pony) and how I could make them "kid classy."
The closer we got to the big day, I started to feel dread.  Maybe because I'm pregnant, maybe because I didn't want to host a party including a bunch of parents I don't know but I just didn't want to throw a huge party.  So one day I just asked her-do you want to have a birthday party with your daycare friends or go to Build a Bear with Cousin N? Her response of, "Oooooh Build a Bear!!!!!" was music to my ears.
Much to the disappointment of my mother who had really wanted her to have a party, we planned a simple outing-lunch for our 20 family members and hitting up the mall after for Build a Bear.  It was stress free, fun, and she was perfectly happy with her entire day.
Last year she asked for roller skates, this year it was a scooter.  I have NO clue where she picks up these ideas, I suppose from TV because she doesn't know anyone with either of those.  After some slight disappointment that we picked out a purple scooter instead of a pink one, she immediately threw on her helmet and had to go outside (in the cold) to try it out.

I was pretty impressed with her determination to ride, she was having a difficult time getting into a rhythm but with Boyfriend's help it didn't take too long.  Watching him teach her how to ride the scooter made my throat swell, he is just so patient with her and while I wish he would pass some of that along to me :), I am so thankful that he shows her the grace and understanding she needs.
After scooter lessons, we took a shower where I dried her hair and used my flat iron (a special treat).  We were running a bit late to lunch because she was adamant that she wanted balloons for her birthday-and who was I to argue with the birthday girl?  Baby was spoiled with love and presents and adored having us sing, "Happy Birthday" to her.
After lunch, we were off on the much anticipated Build a Bear trip.  Baby and Cousin N were literally jumping around with excitement and could barely contain themselves.  It was so fun for me to watch them having such a blast.

Sadly the fun didn't last long enough and as soon as we walked out to take a few last pictures of the cousins together, Baby realized that fun time was over.  Hey, it is her birthday and she can cry if she wants to.
After bribery of ice cream and park time, we headed home and luckily our worn out girl fell asleep and we were able to take our yearly birthday nap together.  I'm so sad we failed to capture her second birthday nap, as I imagine we will only have another year to add to the collection.
 After nap time, we headed to the park next to our house so she could spend the last hours of sunlight playing on her scooter and with her balloons.  
That evening, after dinner Boyfriend and I read her stories and she told us she didn't want to go to sleep because that meant her birthday would be over.  I told her she could stay up as late as she wanted as long as she was in bed reading.  The last time I was awake to check was 11:30 and there she was, still wide awake singing happy birthday to herself.  The little light in front of her face is a blinky ice cube she uses as a nightlight.
The next morning when I woke her she was sad that her birthday was over but thanked me for such a fun day.  I have such a sweet girl and feel so, so lucky that I am her mom.
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