Thursday, April 3, 2014

Pregnancy Update-I'm Getting Close

Currently in my 30th week, or somewhere in the 7-8 month range, I am just now starting to realize, "Holy crap-I'm going to have a baby!"
When you are pregnant with your first, all of your free time goes to preparing for the massive change your life is about to take on.  Apparently in sequential pregnancies, all your free time is being spent on that massive change you created the last time.
That doesn't mean I haven't cherished this pregnancy, not in the least bit.  Since this is my last (or at least our true intentional last and we will be doing all that can be done to prevent it, thanks for taking one for the team Boyfriend!) I haven't allowed myself to wish any moments away because I want to soak up every moment I consciously can (like not feeling it is inappropriate for having three containers of ice cream in your freezer at the same time.  And planning on eating it all by yourself).
I mentioned before in one of my earlier updates but this time around has been much harder than the first, though I will admit quickly I still have it so, so good.  None of my ailments have ever been at a risk to baby, only to the detriment of my physical capabilities and at times, emotional wellness.
I've been having extreme hip issues, my right one seems to dislocate every single night in my sleep.  When I wake, I have to be extremely careful on how I start my movements until I hear that big, "Pop!" to know it is back in place-otherwise I literally can't walk.  I don't have the capability to walk an extensive period of time, otherwise I'm in pretty excruciating pain (and I have a high pain tolerance).  I've had to miss two days at work due to this and that was extremely hard for me to do so, but I knew if I didn't take the time to rest I would be setting myself up for a lot more time off than desired. 
While my hip issues are pretty debilitating at times, that is truly my only real issue.  Of course we have all the other general aches and pains, nausea, sleeplessness, etc.  And the noises, oh the noises that come out of me.  I'm not talking bodily functions (though any pregnant woman will tell you that is part of it too) the grunts, groans and moans that have involuntarily as I move along.  I annoy myself, I can't imagine what others around me think.

For every negative though, I have so many positive things going on at the same time.  I have loved watching Baby take on the big sister role, even while her sibling is in the womb.  She loves to talk to the baby, feel it kicking, read it stories and wash the baby while we are in the shower.  She is consistently concerned with what the baby is up to and if I tell her #2 is sleeping, she starts yelling at it to wake up, which usually will illicit a kick or two.
Speaking of kicks, Boyfriend has only had the opportunity to feel the baby move once.  I don't know why the moment he places his hand on my swollen belly the movement stops but it is completely predictable it will happen.   #2 seems to already discriminate because it isn't shy with Baby.
As far as preparation goes, we haven't done anything beyond purchase a new car seat since Baby's will be expired by the time #2 arrives.  Oh and I bought a bunny hat similar to the one Baby had because it was on clearance at Target.
We don't know if we are going to set up a nursery, and if we do it won't be before the new addition arrives.  Our plan is to do the same with Baby-have #2 sleep in our room in a bassinet until they are reliably sleeping 4-6 hour stretches.  We are hoping for a wonder child like Baby who started to do that by three weeks, but I'm setting up expectations for that to happen more in the several months (or more) range.  Partly I feel like I want to see what sex we are having before planning the decor and part I'm not ready to give up my guest (nap/additional closet) room, but either way-if I know the baby won't be spending any time in there, I don't see the need to worry about that now.
I will be breastfeeding this one as well, and have researched my insurance on how to obtain my pump.  When I had Baby, my pump died when she was nine months and my insurance refused to cover one and I was being cheap and didn't want to buy a brand new one.  Luckily I had built up quite the stash so we managed to make due with what we had for the next three months to cover her primary nutrition.  My goal, should my body decide to work for me, is to encourage the oversupply again so that I can start to build a stash early on.  I think having that is one of the things that made being a breastfeeding momma so much easier.
I will be taking off the full 12 weeks of allowed leave.  My company is pretty generous as far as leave time goes, they allow a 90 day leave from the day the baby is born, even if you had already started your 12 week FMLA prior to that, so I am considering taking off just a week or so prior to the anticipated due date to rest.  Or if things progress with my hips as they have been, I might not have a choice-but I'm hoping that I am allowed to make the choice on my own.
At the exact same time, I'm feeling completely under-prepared and like I'm totally ready.  I have another 9 weeks give or take a couple of weeks (hopefully) and don't really want it to end.  I was the same with Baby, I knew once she came out there was no going back, so I am just going to spend the next couple of months not focusing on the hard parts and celebrating the positives.
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