Tuesday, April 22, 2014

You Look Kinda Cute, In that Polka Dot Bikini

A couple of weeks ago a group of ten of us hopped on a plane to celebrate our friend Heather finding her Buddy for life (the groom's name is Buddy).
Back in my wedding day, bachelorette parties were local and one night of debauchery.  We were lucky that our early 20's budgets allowed us to get a hotel room (and only because we had a friend who was able to get an employee discount). We were babies, look not a wrinkle in sight! 
Since then, many of us have gotten hitched and had slightly more elaborate bachelorette shenanigans-New Orleans, Chicago, and most recently, Miami. 

I love these trips.  Admittedly, I have an equal amount of fond memories from my 12 hour party than any two-three day trip we have taken but our weekend parties are more than just celebrating the bride to be.  
 It is a weekend away from every outside stress, husband, work or other obligations to just enjoy and toast to the friendships we have developed over the years. 
Knowing all along that I was going to be 31 weeks pregnant during this trip, I wasn't super excited for the crazy night out.  For a few months prior to the trip, I tried to figure out what a nearly eight month pregnant woman wore to "da club."  I imagined the scene from Knocked Up, "You old, she pregnant-can't have a bunch of old pregnant bitches running around" and I would be responsible for us not getting into whatever club we ended up at.
In the end, I wore a plain black dress that will continue to make the rounds with different accessories for each other remaining weddings and bachelorette parties I have to attend through the rest of the pregnancy.  Luckily, one of the girls on our trip was also related to someone who worked concierge in Miami so they were able to get us on the list and avoid that scene.  Even more fortunate, because of that relationship-when pregnancy brain hit me hard and I brought my work ID instead of my license, I was still permitted in as long as I promised not to drink.  No problem Mr. Bouncer, especially with your $30 drinks.
My favorite part of the wild and crazy night though was the official passing down of the bachelorette sash.  If you look back to the original picture on this post, you will see that the sash above and below are the same.  This sash has been passed between each bride with the last bride writing a message of encouragement to the next inside.  I am really impressed we have managed to keep it within the group over the years and love our own version of traveling pants.

The next day we spent the entire day on the beach, just enjoying the day.  Another thing I obsessed about was what type of bathing suit to wear-I never wear a bikini in real life but with my belly all of my tankinis only covered half my belly making me feel strangely more self conscious so I just sucked it up and let it all hang out.

We finally accepted it was time to go inside when the sun was setting and spent a low key evening in our condo cooking dinner and playing Cards Against Humanity.  We all started to crash pretty early and hit the sack so we could get up the next morning and head back home to Dallas.
 Now that nearly everyone has had their own turn with the sash, I realize that our bachelorette weekends are coming to an end.  It is my hope that we won't rely on having a reason to take these trips though-getting away with my girls is crucial to my well being.  And coming home to my family is always a sweet reunion, and this time I came home to the biggest surprise of all-Boyfriend cleaned our ENTIRE house while I was gone, and if that isn't reason to leave town more often, then I don't know what is!

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  1. oh man bachelorette parties are so fun! and you look so great, i would be nervous from that knocked up scene too. we have a tiara with a veil we pass down (or i pass it to whoever is getting married) such a fun idea!


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