Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Going Further Than I Ever Had Before

Tonight, eleven years ago, Boyfriend and I went on our first date.  It wasn't just our first date though, I experienced another first with him late that night-something I never in a million years thought I would do on a first date.
I remember almost every detail, from how I used a hot oil treatment on my hair (being a life guard, bleaching my hair and hair straighteners not being in existence at this point created one frizzy mess) to the white shirt with embroidered flowers that my mom's dog eventually tore a hole in it.
I remember that Boyfriend wore an orange polo and after he picked me up he looked over at me and just said, "You are pretty" as matter of fact as could be.  Looking back, I can see how nervous he was because he was constantly wiping his forehead trying to hide the fact that he was sweating.
He wasn't sweating because he was hot-he actually took me ice skating.  In his mind, he thought that I would fall often giving him ample excuses to hold my hand and touch me.  Fantasy was extremely far from reality though because it was he that fell, and often.  He literally couldn't stand for more than three seconds at a time.  It was so bad that a little girl, no older than ten, came up to him to try and show him the proper way.  It didn't matter though-he just couldn't stay up, I couldn't stop laughing and he affectionately earned the nickname Bambi.
After ice skating, he took me to Sonic for a refreshing drink and some cheese tater tots.   When you first start dating, you try to show only your best sides and maybe even stretch some truths-that night Boyfriend told me he just loved to drive around, "to think about life" and that he LOVED giving massages (but hated them).  We just drove around that night, talking about anything and everything-these days he refuses to go anywhere if he has to pass his final destination or backtracks so I know he was really just trying to spend time with me.
Ultimately we ended up in his neighborhood where he took me a park behind his house that was extremely excluded-I assumed he was going to try to take advantage of the privacy to give me one of his "award winning" massages.  Aka-an attempt to make his move.  

No disappointment, he did he make his move.  In a way that I never could have anticipated.

Carrying this Asian bamboo mat we walked to the middle of the park (or as I was entering, the place I realized he could kill me an no one would know, good thing he wasn't creepy) and he placed the mat on the wet grass and sat down.  He laid down looking up at the stars and asked me to join him.

As this wasn't my first date with a boy, I wasn't oblivious to what he was trying to do, but I was a willing participant.  I laid down next to him and we spent the next couple hours talking, eventually I had turned to my side for some reason or another and the next thing I know, Boyfriend's hand was on my hip and we were cuddling.

Cuddling!  Who cuddles on a first date?!  No heavy make out session acting like the teenagers that we were, just an already married 10 years couple, snuggling under the stars in the park.  Somehow in that moment, we both just felt totally comfortable and realized we had something special.

Eventually we had to end our night (he still had a curfew, ha) and he took me home, walked me up to my door.  A kiss was stolen on that doorstep, along with my heart. 

Sometimes I look over and still see that nervous boy in an orange polo trying so hard to impress me and make me laugh.  Sometimes, he still looks over at me will just say, "You are pretty" just as genuine as on our first date.

I am so unbelievably blessed that not only have I been able to spend the last eleven years falling in love with this boy, but that curfews no longer limit our cuddle sessions.  It is equally just as hard to believe and not expect nothing less that we have made it this far, and that we have only spent a small portion of our time together.

I truly am the luckiest. 

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  1. y'all are the cutest. cuddling on the first date! love this story!

  2. aww, this made me cry! so flippin' cute! <3 y'all!


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