Friday, May 23, 2014

I Might Just Have a Homebirth Afterall

Last night, while Boyfriend and I were catching up on our DVR I noticed that I was having pretty regular contractions.  At first I just ignored them, but they lasted through the entire season finale of American Idol (which actually isn't that long with us-Boyfriend already told me who won so we just fast forwarded stopping for a few performances) so I started to really take notice.
While watching Modern Family, I decided to start timing them, just in case even though technically, I still have 17 days until my due date.  While none were painful, they were occurring every five to six minutes, lasting a little over a minute and were continuous.  This is exactly how the start of Baby's labor was, but I also had this happen for THREE weeks consistently prior so after about 45 minutes I just decided, "Screw it-no timing it and I'm just going to go about my way until I know I am in labor."
This plan is going to be either brilliant or end up with me giving birth at home (or in a car, or at work, or at Target).  Doctor's rules are to call when they are "5-1-1" (five minutes apart, one minute long, lasting over an hour) but if I called every time that occurred, well I would be in the hospital right now, and obviously the baby isn't coming.  It seems like my body likes to really have itself prepared for the big day and tease (torture) me.

I'm just really scared this plan is going to backfire, if it is similar to Baby's birthday.  I did not feel an ounce of pain (I'm lucky, I know) until I was at 8 cm and that is because they broke my water at the hospital.  That is when everything went down, but I honestly believe that had I not gone to the doctor on an off chance I was in labor, Baby would have been born in a car-or worse, at work.

So for the next couple of weeks-if you see me holding my bulging belly, trying to get some relief from it being so tight, I may or not be in labor.  If you witness a giant puddle around my feet, I might still be in denial after all this pre-labor so go ahead and shove me in a car and get me to the hospital!
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