Friday, May 30, 2014

Maternity Leave

Yesterday was my last day at work.  I really struggled with the choice to leave prior to the birth #2, as I worked up until the day Baby was born but as they say, every pregnancy is different and the end of this one has been incredibly different.
Also different is my companies maternity policy.  We have two, FMLA which everyone has (well, if your company is qualified) and then a separate maternity that stipulates you have 90 days from the date of the birth of your baby.  With Baby, I was only granted my 12 weeks of FMLA so if I left early it was only cutting into the time I had once she was here and I wasn't willing to risk any of that time.  Since I won't be losing anytime with #2 by leaving a bit early, I decided it just wasn't worth it to push through anymore.
Not to mention--as hard as I tried, I just couldn't focus on anything and I was constantly struggling knowing that I have the ability to normally do so much more.  It was a constant source of stress, giving myself the grace to know that I was doing my best but it just didn't live up to my previous productivity.
I am so thankful that my current company offers the leave they do.  While I have very strong opinions about maternity/paternity policies in the US, I value the fact that they go above and beyond what is required so that I have the ability to take care of myself.  
I also can't say how much I appreciate Boyfriend for recognizing how important this time off is and never even once questioned me taking the time off-I know that it might be more fun to take a trip or do home upgrades with our savings instead of replacing my lost salary.  It truly makes my contributions to the family feel valued and it means a lot to me.
So for the first time in weeks, last night I took a doctor approved Tylenol Sleep (I can't take it when working, they leave me too groggy to drive even after eight hours) and minus my four potty breaks, I was able to sleep through the night!  And until #2 decides to show up, I will be taking lots and lots of naps!
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