Sunday, June 1, 2014

39 Weeks

Sometimes I like to look at hashtags on Instagram to see what other women's belly bumps look like that are due the same time as I am.  Tonight, I searched 39 weeks (which technically isn't until tomorrow) and came across this:

I burst out laughing and showed Boyfriend.  He didn't seem to understand exactly why this was so funny, but that cat's face says it all.  I feel you poor little swollen kitty.
I feel like I'm pretty pleasant most of the time, but I do remember this happening with the end of Baby's occupancy in my womb-it feels like nails on a chalkboard when people ask questions trying to find out if something will happen soon.
" are you feeling?"
 "Any contractions?"
"What does the doctor think?"
"When do you think #2 will come?"
Look, I promise I will  update everyone, as soon as things start to progress.  I'm not shy on social media, and neither is Boyfriend.  You will know.  If I'm not bringing it up-it is safe to say nothing is happening.  And while I do hope this isn't the case-I am content to stay pregnant until 42 weeks barring any medical complications so realistically-we could have another THREE weeks to go.
I don't mean to be snotty about it, really.  And I understand all these questions come from a good and pure place-my family and friends just care about us and are so excited for #2 to make it's arrival.  I do get it, but no one understands what it feels like to be a ticking time bomb more than a woman whose due date is days away (or has passed) and the constant questions is only one big reminder that she doesn't have her baby in her arms yet.
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