Wednesday, June 4, 2014

That One Thing I Need Daily

Somewhere around April the heat started to get to me.  I could never cool down and just felt very frustrated anytime I tried to exert any sort of physical effort I would start to feel dizzy and light headed.  
One day I randomly stopped at the TC Shaved Ice that is just down the street from my house in my quest to find some heat relief. I am profoundly grateful and equally appalled at my discovery that this was the solution to the Texas heat.  Since then, I have literally gotten shaved ice EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.  Is it embarrassing to admit that maybe there have been a few two a days?  What about that one day that I went three times?
TC Shaved Ice is pretty awesome-and less than half a mile from my house.  My preferred flavor choice is wedding cake with cream.  There are two problems with them though, one is that they take cash only and I finally had to admit I had a problem when I raided Baby's piggy bank (which is actually a Panda bear-she is half Asian after all) to pay for my daily addiction.  The second is that by the time I get to the bottom fourth, it is just syrup which isn't really refreshing or all that tasty.
One day I mentioned to Boyfriend we should try out Bahama Bucks.  I had never been there before, and checked out their website and saw they had a ton more flavors.  Immediately my TC habit morphed into a Bahama addiction, but man do they steal my bucks (see what I did there?).  
  I even bought my own shaved ice machine to try and curb my daily trips to Bucks.  It really hasn't helped all that much-not that I don't use it, I do daily and multiple times a day, but nothing compares to Bahama Bucks (my flavor of choice is Birthday Cake-it really isn't that sweet and doesn't taste "syrupy").  
Sometimes though, I just get a huge cup of plain shaved ice-if I could afford to buy the machine they have I would (and by the end of this pregnancy, I will probably have spent enough at there to have done so!).  There is just something special about that fluffy, delicate snow.
 This has been my only true pregnancy craving, ever.  Even with Baby I never had a food that I just had to have.  Sure, I had preferences but nothing that have me crawling around my house looking for change just so I could have it. If I'm really going to be open about the depths of my addiction-I even researched franchise costs.  I don't just want to visit them daily, I want to own my own location so I am paid to nom on the sweet, delicious dessert.  Sadly-the franchising fee is just a bit more than Boyfriend and I can swing right now.
A little over three weeks ago, I found out I am severely anemic.  So much so that my doctor had me go from my one iron supplement a day to three a day.  I also ate ice nonstop at work which I know is a symptom of anemia, so while I honestly am not sure that the two are related-I am going to use that excuse when Boyfriend goes over the budget and realizes that I have spent a month's worth of childcare costs on shaved ice in the last couple of months.
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