Saturday, June 7, 2014

The Lasts

With #2's arrival feeling very imminent (I mean I suppose I could be pregnant forever, but it is unlikely it will last too much longer) I have started to regard to everything as the "last time" before the change in our life.
Last girls night out, last date night or last day of work.  Obviously I will do all of these things again, and probably not too far in the future I will just have a newborn attached to me.  The only thing that is truly a last, and will never happen again is being a family of three and Baby will never be an only child again.
Last date night with Boyfriend before #2's arrival
While I'm overwhelmingly happy that Baby is going to have a sibling, I still worry how she is going to adjust.  Not only is she the center of attention between Boyfriend and I, she is my mother's greatest joy and having to share attention is going to be very difficult for her.  I know that every kid who has a sibling has to go through this, and that probably 99% of them get over it-I still hate knowing she is going to have negative feelings in her heart and mind.

Boyfriend and I have been consciously attempting to make sure our last days as a family of three be intentional and family filled with Baby.  This past week, Boyfriend took off a day from work so that we could go to a pool and let Baby have her first swim day.  To say that she had fun is an understatement.

After several hours, I couldn't handle the heat anymore and she was actually shivering fiercely (her little body is so small the cold water really impacts her) so we told her that we had to go.  She was not very pleased.  We also should have thought to take a family picture prior to telling her we were leaving.

  Her annoyance was quickly resolved though when we promised a trip to Sweet Mix for ice cream.  The picture below will always amuse me because as I asked her to stand next to the saying, she told me no.  I said, "Pretty pleeeease?" and she just rolled her eyes (and that is a first!) and sighed, "FINE."  Yeah, she is totally sweet as honey.


Of course she passed out on our way home and we were able to take part in another series of lasts-naps just with the two of us.  I adore my girl and while it is bittersweet to acknowledge the lasts in this part of life, I know that the progression is going to be so much better.
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