Sunday, June 8, 2014

Welcome Due Date!

So I might totally be jinxing things, but I am assuming that as I write this that I won't be delivering this baby within the next half hour which means we officially made it to my due date.  
For many women, this isn't a welcome thing but several months ago I started to equally dread and look forward to this weekend.  Within the last several weeks, invitations for various events started rolling in.  From this past Wednesday on, we have had a major event occurring each and every single day.  I know I had the perfect excuse to miss any of these events but I didn't want to-for example, Baby was a flower girl in my cousins wedding and how adorable was she?
 There were also some key people I wanted to be around when the big day happened who was going to be out of town for a girlfriend's bachelorette.  I was already disappointed I had to miss (my water breaking might have been a buzz kill on the winery tours they were on) but to not have my BFF around while totally understandable, still a bummer.
On Friday, I woke up having a ton of contractions.  They felt different than I had been having for the last few weeks so I started to feel like it might be the real deal.  I already had an appointment for a sonogram late that afternoon, but when I called to inquire if I was going to see the doctor they asked why and I explained what was going on.  The message was relayed to my doctor and she asked me to come in immediately based on my last labor.

Boyfriend worked from home that day so he could attend my afternoon appointment and I told him they wanted me to come in right away.  There were moments of what I can only imagine is the closest to the "big rush" a couple makes before heading to the hospital-what do we need to bring with us? Where are the hospital bags?

Obviously when I saw the doctor, I was declared not in active labor but she was sure enough based on other symptoms that it was imminent enough to declare, "I do think that having this baby is going to interfere with your weekend plans."

While there were parts of me that were excited, I still really had this small cloud hanging over me-I really, really wanted to not give birth until Sunday afternoon at the earliest (as if I have a choice).  We were instructed to return at 2:00 for my sonogram and to call if anything changed in the meantime.

As for the reason for my sonogram-#2 hasn't really grown in measurement the past three weeks and movement has decreased an extortionate amount.  I know decreased movement is common, but for several days in order to feel the baby move, I would have to prompt it by drinking cold liquids.  It never failed but with the lack of measurable growth, she just wanted to double check.

Long story short-everything looked acceptable enough to continue on with natures course.  This is one of the reasons I absolutely adore my doctor.  There was confirmed lower levels of fluid (though still in an acceptable range) and the baby is measuring 5 days behind where it should be-but she didn't (as nor I after doing my own research) felt this was enough medical reason to discuss induction.  I feel like there are so many doctors out there that would suggest it simply so they knew that they wouldn't be interrupted at some point over the weekend to attend to a birth.

So we continued on.  I was told they would most likely see me at some point this weekend and to take it easy.  I didn't exactly take it "easy" but I have been listening to my body to rest as needed.  I left the wedding earlier than I, and Baby who was a dancing queen, wanted.  We limited the time spent at the other event obligations we attended.  I've taken two or three naps each day.

And now we were here, and I'm so unbelievably appreciative that we are.  I might have put it out in the universe a bit too much to not give birth early and in return will go far past my due date, but honestly I am ok with that.  Emotionally, I feel ready where as I just didn't this past weekend.  My house is clean (enough), my support system is on call.  

Baby is very confused why it is June and her sibling isn't here.  It is hard to explain why we don't know exactly what day she will get to have #2's birthday party, but at this point, whenever it is-it will be the perfect timing.

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