Saturday, July 19, 2014

Happiest of Hours at P.F. Changs

This past week, courtesy of P.F. Changs, Boyfriend and I were able to drop the kids off at Nana's house and spend the happiest of hours trying out their new menu items that are currently exclusive to Dallas (click to see the new items!)
Happy hour looks different when you have two kids.  You will see me with no makeup, maybe some spit up on my shirt and the Boyfriend dressed in his fanciest 'Merica shirt.  But you know what-after one glass of P.F. Chang's new Sangria (especially when you read what ingredients are in it),  neither of us care much more about what we are wearing and are just happy to be spending some quality time together.
Baby's first favorite restaurant was P.F. Changs, in fact we celebrated her first birthday there, so it holds a special place in our heart.  I was a little nervous to cheat on my beloved lo mein (beef, no mushrooms) but was pleasantly surprised with their new small plates and happy hour choices.  We started out with Ahi Tartare, California Rolls, and Saigon Summer Rolls.

When it comes to sushi, I'm the girl who will eat her weight in California Rolls but I won't touch raw fish.  I was feeling a bit brave after a half glass of my Sangria so I tasted the Ahi Tartare and finally got why people were so obsessed with it.  The texture was creamy and paired with my obsession of avocado I seriously could have ate the entire plate, but I was on a date after all so I was nice and let Boyfriend have two bites.
We ended our hour with the Asian Carnitas Bao.  I love bao buns but am not typically a fan of the traditional fillings so this Americanized version was a good compromise.  

Sadly, our happy hour really was only an hour-we had to get home so I could feed the littlest one.  If you are lucky and have more than one hour (or even just one to spare), you can find the closest participating P.F. Changs here.  Also, starting this Wednesday, they are offering Sushi, Small Bites and Wine Flights where you can pick selections and pairings based off your budget.

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