Monday, July 28, 2014


"What is Pillow doing right now?"
"Is Pillow sleeping?  Does Pillow have the hiccups?"
Those questions and what seemed like a million more were constantly asked by Baby when I was pregnant.  She was obsessed with talking to my belly, kissing my stomach, singing Frozen songs-if she could include my belly in her activities, she would.  There may have even been a tea party balanced on my belly.
Through my pregnancy, I referred to the baby as #2 here on the blog.  Now that she is here I struggled with trying to decide if I would continue to call her #2 or use a different nickname.  I'm not trying to protect her real name (as I obviously shared it in my last post) but I have a couple years history using nicknames for the rest of the family so I feel it would be odd to not use one for her.  So in hopes that the newest member of the household not go back and read my blog entries and feel as though she is #2 in my life (I had a mean case of sibling rivalry and am paranoid) I've decided to go with Pillow which is the nickname Baby gave her and continues to call her now.

And now that Pillow is officially here, the questions haven't stopped. All during pregnancy, I was extremely concerned with how Baby would react to the birth of her sibling.  While I knew she would get over it, I was excepting a lot of jealousy, attention seeking behavior and maybe even some anger.  I had some glimmer of hope that she wouldn't be too resentful of the baby who has stolen her parent's attention.  The reality of her relationship with Pillow is something I never anticipated.

To say that she is Pillow's biggest fan is an understatement.  Baby is completely enamored with her sister and it has been so fulfilling to watch her fall in love.

I try to be conscious of asking her to help too much-she is still a little kid and while I do want to teach her family responsibility, I don't feel it is Baby's place to have to be an active part of newborn upkeep.  That said, Baby *wants* to help.  With EVERYTHING.  Sometimes it is a hindrance and makes what might be a 45 second diaper change a two minute, poop on the changing pad diaper change, I encourage her assistance.


When Pillow is crying, Baby will tell me why she is crying.  If there is crying after a feeding, Baby will reprimand me for not feeding her long enough.  My children are both very hot natured and Baby will get upset if I keep her in the car seat for longer than necessary because Pillow will get sweaty.  

I've admitted that I wasn't sure I wanted a second child, but even with my uncertainty, I always felt that Baby was meant to have a sibling.  Watching their relationship has been so sweet and while I know the other shoe can drop and Baby may wake up and decide she wants Pillow to move out, I am relishing in witnessing their love grow and develop.  
Luckily, Pillow is just as smitten with her big sister.


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