Friday, September 5, 2014

One Week In

Today marks a full week worth of work.  Granted, last week I worked one day and then this week was a short one due to Labor Day, but a week has still passed since I returned to work.

So how am I doing?  I'm EXHAUSTED.  I never really hit the full sleep deprivation with Baby since she was a champion sleeper.  Pillow-well it is a good thing she is just adorable.  

I've been working hard to get in bed by 9 each night but I've not really been that successful.  Then I wake up a minimum of twice to nurse.  I know that she needs to eat and it isn't out of comfort because we now know exactly how much she is eating during the day, and it isn't enough to try and force her to not eat at night.  

She also loves to wake up with about an hour before my alarm goes off.  So basically by the time I am done feeding her, I only have another 15-30 minutes to sleep which at that point would be more detrimental than helpful since I'm fully awake and going back to sleep and waking up again so soon would make me grumpy.

Other than the extreme lack of sleep, I'm doing ok.  I love being able to see my work friends and just be productive.  While being lazy around the house is great from time to time, doing it for weeks on end honestly wasn't for me.  

I miss Pillow something fierce during the day though.  I long for those cute little smiles and her half laugh that sounds like she is sucking in air.  I'm sad I probably won't be around for her first real belly laugh or any other milestones she will hit while I'm at work.  

Even though my world revolves around sleep right now (or the lack of it) I'm enjoying the latest season in my life.  And once I'm getting more than four hour of stretches of sleep-well I am going to feel like I can conquer the world.

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