Friday, September 26, 2014


I knew this would happen.  I start back at work and life literally is whizzing by and I feel like I am in a constant battle of trying to get through my weeks and spending my evenings and weekends having intentional and quality time with my daughters.
I really suck at it though.  As soon as I get home, I'm just exhausted.  I want to spend my evenings taking walks to the park, playing on the playground and wrestling in the grass.

 So what do we do instead?  We get home, I take off my clothes and put on pajamas, or sometimes just take off my pants, and I sit on the couch.  There are days that from the moment I get home until it is time to bed I barely move from the couch.  It isn't entirely wasted time, I am cuddling the littlest and the big is running around and dancing for me or coloring my pictures.

It's just that I want to be more active with my kids.  I don't want them to remember me being a couch potato.  I know it is just a stage and eventually the baby will actually sleep instead of waking me two or three times each night.

This past week, I did drag myself out of the house for a family walk to the park.  Baby was so excited, scooting on her scooter and Pillow was smiling and exploring the sky above her.  When we got to the park, Baby found a spot and declared she was going to play "model" and asked me to take some pictures of her.

Minus the mosquito bites, that evening was the best one of the week so I just need to make myself get up and moving more often. Also a bonus-Pillow only woke me once in the middle of the night!
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