Tuesday, September 30, 2014

What a Difference a Year Makes

A year ago today Boyfriend and I started our day commuting to work with the company jet.

The night before we had attended a Sunday evening wedding and didn't want to take time off of work the next day so we just flew home.  The early flight was extremely rough-not only was there horrible turbulence but my stomach was feeling extremely queasy from the amount of wine I had consumed the night before.  Basically-wild party nights and a 5 am flight do not mix.

Once at work, and with a full belly, I was still feeling really sick.  I glanced over at my calendar and with the light bulb going off so bright it burst, I knew I was pregnant.

I don't know how I knew-I hadn't even gotten to the point where I would have a missed period.  I was only about three weeks pregnant but I just knew.  I was slightly confused-without providing too much information, with Boyfriend's travel schedule and my cycles I shouldn't have even considered the fact that I was pregnant, but again I just knew.

A few of the longest hours I ever endured later, I confirmed my gut feeling by peeing on a stick in the bathroom at Target during my lunch break.

This past year has been every extreme possible in all facets of my life-from family, to personal growth to my career.  Just as we are figuring things out with our newest addition, I am about to change everything up in one major way, again.

For the second year in a row, September 30th has become a monumental day in my history.  Today was my last day at my current position and tomorrow I start a new role (with the same company, but completely different department).

I'm incredibly excited but also so, so nervous.  I mastered my last position, it was easy for me to succeed.  I was liked by my peers and leaders.  So walking into that new office, where the only things people know of me are what I expressed in my interview is equally liberating and nerve wracking.  

Leaving my job today was bittersweet.  It was time but I did love my job.  Just like when I glanced at the calendar one year ago and knew my life would forever change, I had the same gut instinct when I saw that open position-I instantly knew that I would have a new title in the near future.
I now have experienced huge benchmarks that show me just how much can change in a year.  I feel like the possibilities going forth are unimaginable and can't wait to see what the next trip around the sun will bring me.

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  1. it's interesting that this is a mark for you as well. sept 30th was the day that my best friend almost died in a motorcycle accident. 2 years ago I fell rock climbing and 4 years ago my sister had her last chemo treatment!! just wow.


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