Thursday, October 30, 2014

30 Facts About Me: Blogtober14

Helene in Between Blogtober

 My favorite color growing up was always black, even when I was 3-4.  I've found myself in the last five years or so being more attracted to brown, but I still think of black as my favorite color.

 I have long, long hair and am obsessed with the idea of cutting it all off though I probably never will.  Mostly because it only looks this good when I get a professional blow out.

 I get horrible, debilitating caffeine headaches.  This would be a sign to most that it is time to completely quit but I just can't (or have the desire to-I love my once a day soda).  I've made it several weeks before without but continued to have headaches the entire time (though less severe as the first few days).  

 I work in Customer Service and absolutely love it.  I know it isn't for most people-but I feel most satisfied helping others.

In 8th grade, I developed a severe case of TMJ.  We didn't know it was TMJ though and I thought I had an ear infection.  I went to specialist after specialist trying to figure out why I was in so much pain (I couldn't sleep at night) until finally a dentist diagnosed me.  My treatment was to not chew for 30 days.  So I literally lived on Slim Fasts and Cheetos Puffs-I could suck on them until they were soft enough to swallow.  There has been quite the advancement in TMJ treatments in the last 15 years.

 When I was in high school I would wake up at five a.m. to volunteer on Saturday mornings.

 I wasn't the perfect kid though-when I was 14 years old I ran away from home to be with my boyfriend.  It only lasted a couple of days.

 In college I joined a sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi.

I'm cheap about almost everything except food and travel.  I will still try to find the best deals, but will not hesitate to spend money on either.  Working at an airline also helps travel be a lot less expensive.

My current work BFF and I sat next to each other on our first days and have been inseparable since. We crossed the line of work friends to in real life friends very early on.

I got shingles when I was 19. 

 Another malady you typically see in older people, the walls that hold up my bladder collapsed sometime around the age 13 so I pee my pants incredibly easy.  My friends are always there to help me out with a change of clothes if they make me laugh too hard :)

I cried when Boyfriend and I saw The Little Mermaid on Broadway in New York.

I also cry when I listen to cello music.

 You will also find me crying at random commercials, when I get frustrated and when I get angry.  It is such a joke in my family that my mom once held a spoon up to my face because I will cry over anything and I did (it really wasn't the spoon-it was her teasing me).

 I can't stand having notifications on my phone and have to look at them immediately to remove the little red pop up.

 My favorite number is 16.  In fact, my BFF and I were both born on the 16th in 1984, six months apart so we have BFF tattoos of "1684".

 Gavin Rossdale hugged me during a concert a couple of years ago.  It was my 13 year old self's dream come true.  In my mind (and all of my girlfriends who were there) this is what he looked like while running towards me.

I hated pineapple until I got pregnant with Baby.  Now I'm obsessed with it and could eat one a day.

 My cheapness does not translate over to diapers.  Pampers is the only brand I will buy.  I've tried so hard to like the off brand (especially Target) but they really just don't compare.

The towel rod in my bathroom broke several months ago.  It was stone and extremely heavy.  Instead of fixing it/throwing it away, I saved the rod to knock out any intruders that enter my home.

I suffer from intrusive/compulsive thoughts which causes extreme anxiety.  Which explains my need for number 20.

 I can't cook but I am obsessed with food related television shows.

 I am also obsessed with HGTV but haven't done anything to decorate my home in the 5 years I lived there.  Seriously-I don't have a single thing hanging on any wall.

I am proud to be a breastfeeding mother but I hate, hate, hate, HATE pumping.

 My food can't touch.

 Sunday naps on the couch is my absolute favorite extracurricular activity.

 I'm almost always cold unless it is 100 degrees outside and I'm in the direct sun.  Even when I was a lifeguard as a teen, I would need a towel to cover me as a blanket if I was in the shade.

 I've never been able to hold onto sunglasses for more than nine months.  The two longest pairs though have been my most expensive ones so that is how I justify spending money on them vs a $10 pair every month.

I have the cutest kids ever.  For real.

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  1. some of this stuff I really didn't know! I can't believe you didn't eat for 30 days... holy crap. food is life.

  2. Love you so much! So proud we kept our work BFF STATUS alive!!!! You are the greatest. Don't know what I would do without you. -Elle


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