Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Best Vacation: Blogtober14

Helene in Between Blogtober 

The day after my wedding I was fired from my job as a nanny.  It wasn't due to anything I had done-basically I had been placed with this family (Family T) through an agency that charges a hefty fee.  Family T had hired me six weeks prior to my wedding and since Boyfriend and I hadn't set our honeymoon in stone (we are deal seekers-we were just going to go with a last minute deal) I advised Family T I would postpone my honeymoon until August so that they didn't have to worry about trying to find childcare soon soon after her return from maternity leave.  The mom was insistent I didn't need to, but I felt like it was the right thing to do. 

There were a lot of signs looking back something was shady but I didn't realize it at the time.  For starters, during my contract negotiation, there was a clause about severance should they no longer need my services.  She was extremely hesitant and only agreed to that portion if she didn't have to pay one if my services were terminated due to my doing.  Family T also made a comment to me, "Well if we have to terminate your services I will be sure to do so before my six week guarantee with the agency so I can get my placement fee back."

Another warning-the mom told me that the grandmother would say she was going to watch the baby in the future but to ignore her because she would never have her mom watch her full time.  Sure enough, Grandmom would tell me (when she randomly checked in on me) that she was going to retire soon and would be watching the baby full time.

So while I shouldn't have been, I was totally shocked the day after my wedding, I received a call from my agent telling me that Family T didn't want me to return to work on Monday.  Basically-the Family used the agency to get a quality short term nanny to supplement the time between her return to work and when the grandmother was going to retire.  They had to say it was my fault though and made an excuse I was on the internet too much while the baby was sleeping so that they didn't have to pay the severance in my contract and could get their placement fee back. 

Long story short-I was without a job and we didn't plan a honeymoon because of what I thought was a long term position.  Somehow though-we still managed to put together a last minute trip, that while far from a honeymoon, was my most fond vacation memories.

My aunt and uncle live in the Tampa area and I had flight benefits through my father at AA so Boyfriend and I planned a trip to go to Universal Studios and visit my aunt and uncle for a few days.

It wasn't the fanciest vacation and we were trying to be frugal as possible (which is a total bummer while out of town) since we didn't know when I would get another job.  But we were newlyweds and just took the opportuity to have fun together and relax on a beach.

I look back at those few days a have feelings of romantic nostalgia and sweetness.  I was as relaxed as could be in our circumstances and savored our time together before what ended up being a stressful two months of unemployement.  

Sadly, we still haven't taken our honeymoon.  Now that we have an infant, it might be some time before we do.  But I guarantee this-we will one day!

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  1. Crappy circumstances, but you guys made a great time out of it! The time you spend together is the most important. :) Loved learning this about you!

  2. my honeymoon was one of my favorite trips just because i felt like i could breathe after. i remember you telling me at D&B about that job.... that's awful. You guys need to take a trip!


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