Monday, October 27, 2014

Dear Self: Blogtober14

Helene in Between Blogtober 

Dear Self,

With each day that passes, with each year you have grown in age, you become wiser. You have made a few mistakes in your life-but you take those mistakes and turn them into lessons and are better off for it.

For some reason though, you just don't learn from one mistake.  If I can give you just a little advice-that even your younger self from just an hour ago would listen to, you would be a lot happier.

Don't take that one last bite.  Seriously, it is never worth it.  Yes, food is delicious and some of it (like tasty enchilada casserole) will be hard to turn down that last nibble (or mouthful) but you will be in a much better place if you didn't put your fork to the lips.

Right now, you are sitting on the couch uncomfortable.  Your belly hurts. You feel like your tummy will explode.  Was that one last bite worth it?


So going forth, as soon as you feel the hunger pains subside while eating and the instant you hit satisfied, stop.  Seriously.  There will be more food, you will get to eat again later. 

You really won't regret not taking another bite.  Well unless you are in Boston eating your favorite foods only they have to offer.  Eat away and suffer the consequences.

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  1. So true about that last bite! Great advice to yourself ;). #Blogtober14


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