Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Dear Self in 10 Years: Blogtober14

Helene in Between Blogtober

Dear Wifey, 

Ten years ago you had a four year old (though if you said it around her, you had to be sure to include the "and a half") and a three month old.  And pretty much every single thought process revolved around sleep.  Or the lack of it.  I hope that as you read this, you woke after a full nights sleep and feel refreshed.  Though with a 14 year old (and a half) and a 10 year old-the odds are still unlikely.

But just as this time is a phase, the teen years will be too.  I hope that the last ten years have been filled with moments of love and happiness.  I pray that watching Baby and Pillows relationship develop from big/little sister to friends has been as fulfilling as you had hoped.

Boyfriend probably still drives you insane in all the same ways, but at this point-20 plus years into your relationship, you've figured it out.  And if you haven't learned the lesson yet-if he is grumpy, feed him.  He gets really hangry.

I hope that you have achieved your first set of career goals.  If you haven't yet and it is because you gave more to your family than your career, it is ok.  Don't be hard on yourself, having a young family is just another phase in life that will be over too soon and you will have the opportunity to put all of your focus on work.  Enjoy your family first.

I hope that as you read this, you feel as blessed as you do as I write this.  Life is good.  And it will be even more so when you finally sleep more than four hours at a time.
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